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Thank You!

For all those who attended last night's event, we want to say a very special thank you! But also, to everyone who was unable to attend the event your generosity and support have not been overlooked and without all of you, what we do each and every day would not be possible.

We wanted to take the time to share some of the feature videos from last night's program and invite you to share them with anyone who might be interested. We will also be posting these videos across social media and our website.

Again, thank you all for your support and for making last night so incredible!

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This is Naomi, a long-time guest of Haven of Hope, and here is her story.

Click the image to view.

Haven of Hope - Glenn-low.gif

Meet Glenn, another long-time guest of Haven of Hope and current Fresh Tracks Participant.

Click the image to view.

Because of You

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Because of you, we can make a difference in the lives of those most in need.

Each person that enters the door here at Haven of Hope is given the tremendous opportunity to transform themselves, to become something new, to look at their situation in a whole new light and to make a choice that will alter their lives... forever. 

 Yet they are not the only ones with the opportunity to transform, to become something new. Each of us stands poised at a crossroad of choice in our own life... with the freedom to choose who we will be in THIS very moment.  

What we do at the Haven of Hope isn’t about who deserves help and who doesn’t.  It’s not about who we will help and who we won’t.  It's about humanity.  It’s about grace.