August 2018

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Thank you, Georgia!
In true community form, we celebrated the hard work, character, and vast contribution of our Operations Director, Georgia Gregersen. Through food, storytelling, and gratitude shout outs, we bid her farewell from our staff—but not our family—as she sets off on her next adventure with The Utah Harm Reduction Coalition.
Georgia began working at FTR as a part-time office manager over two years ago, helping us to organize and find cohesion. Her role quickly turned into a full-time Operations Director position where she was often described as the “glue” of what kept us together and kept us moving forward. We deeply appreciate all of the long hours, dedication, and positivity that Georgia brought to our team, as well as her endless empathy and strong advocacy for social justice. We will greatly miss her vibrant smile, warm energy, and organized and systematic leadership. She is destined to do great things in this world and FTR is lucky to have been a part of her story. Thank you, Georgia, we are glad we will still be seeing you around the gym!

"Georgia always did what was best for FTR. She consistently worked hard and always made the new person feel welcome. She has big shoes to fill. We love and miss you, Georgia!" - Ian Acker
Nutrition/Food to Recover 
"Food to Recover gives me self-confidence and self-worth. It has really enabled me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow." -FTR member, 2018 community survey
In the Food to Recover kitchen, we introduced Community Meal Prep “Express” to allow for an even quicker, simpler meal prep in just 1 hour! We offer this class Mondays from 5:30-6:30 to get you out just in time for Ian’s 6:30 fitness class (or whatever your Monday evening holds!). Meal Prep is not only a way to learn new recipes, try new foods, and make new friends, but you leave with tupperware full of healthy food for your busy week. Community Meal prep is still offered Tuesday, as well!
We also had a very skilled and special guest chef in the kitchen this month, FTR member, Joshua Cornell! Josh was so patient and knowledgeable as he taught us the art of creating a delicious, quick, and cheap Thai curry! Don’t miss our guest chef next month as a great way to learn new techniques, try yummy food, and see food entertainment at it's best!
Sign up for Food to Recover events this month HERE!
Sweaty Selfies in the 60-in-60 Buddy Challenge!
The heart of FTR’s mission can be summarized in one word: connection. This month, we “buddied up” to encourage healthy habits during our hot summer months in our 60 in 60 Buddy Challenge! FTR members were assigned a “buddy” and connected daily with their partner to support the goal of drinking 60 ounces of water and practicing 60 seconds of mindfulness per day. Challengers also gained points through gratitude notes, sweaty selfies, and connecting outside of the gym with their buddy. This challenge embodied our mantra, “everything is easier done together.” Stay tuned for the winners!

Shout–Out Box!
Have you been in a fitness class and had an inspiring and supportive partner helping you with that last round of deadlifts?  Or maybe a staff member was a particularly good listener on a day you really needed to talk? Have you noticed a positive change in another member? Please drop your words of appreciation in our “Shout-Out Box”   ( located on the front desk ) and we will announce them in the next newsletter and on our social media page. Shout Outs are a way for us to anonymously give each other the gift of encouragement and support.  
Your words might be the best part of someone’s day!
Community Service
Peanut Buttery Pupsicles for all!

July focused on giving back to our furry friends! Volunteers set out the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter to make “pupsicles,” deliver donations, and show some cuddly love to the animals at the shelter.

Don’t miss our August outreach with the “Magic Yarn Project,” a non-profit who's mission it is to create whimsical wigs for children battling cancer and inspire volunteerism to make a difference. We will have a workshop making these wigs for children at FTR. For more information on the organization, visit The Magic Yarn Project.

To sign up, click HERE
Save the Date! Recovery Day is September 8th
MISSION: FTR's mission is to provide people in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse with a safe place to connect through exercise, nutrition, creative expression and community service.

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