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Providing Grace and Redemption through Christ

for Prisoners, Women in Recovery, and Military Veterans. 

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Hello Stacey,

Serving USA is honored to support veterans as many of them carry the trauma of war with them as they navigate civilian life. In fact, about 21 veterans commit suicide each day when the burden becomes too much to bear.


But Serving USA supports many organizations whose desire is to share and eliminate those burdens. This year specifically we have partnered with seven organizations that are committed to this work. You can learn more about them at They offer transformational retreats, educational training, and experiential healing opportunities.


Also, many of the transition homes Serving USA supports also are home to veterans who are struggling to regain their footing. For instance, Kleen Street in Vancouver, WA has a large percentage of its clients who are veterans – and one of their homes is dedicated specifically to veterans.


Later this month, on Memorial Day, we remember those who gave their lives so others could be safe and free. Let’s support veterans year round through the efforts of these many partners who are equipped to help veterans engage in their daily battles.

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We had the opportunity to interview our partner

 Jodie M. Grenier, CEO and USMC Veteran, of Foundation For Women Warriors.


CEO and USMC Veteran, Jodie M. Grenier

Who is the Foundation For Women Warriors?

Our organization is 101 years old. I was hired in 2016 to turn the organization around, as it was facing significant challenges with fundraising. Prior to my work here, I worked in Intelligence and National Security for various government contracts. I also volunteered as a Director of Development and VP with a start-up nonprofit for three years. I enjoyed my volunteer work in the nonprofit sector and decided to enroll in a Nonprofit Master's program at the University of San Diego with the intent to change industries. Simultaneously, I was offered my current position. In the last 5 and half years, we have experienced substantial growth throughout our programs and also in revenue generation. We have distinguished ourselves as a leading resource for women veterans locally and have advocated for women veterans nationwide.

What compels you to continue?

Despite our years of progress, women veterans still face significant economic challenges, and as such with each woman we are able to assist we are encouraged to further advance our mission. The need is not isolated to Southern California, and we are in a unique position to scale our programs (hopefully soon) to ensure women across the country can access our programs.

What is your background?

My background in intelligence still proves to be valuable today in my work. I am data-driven and therefore FFWW is as well. We aim to understand beyond the surface of what is reported, we seek to identify causes and measure the effectiveness of our interventions. Most importantly, we do not shy away from understanding where we may fall short and as such, we continuously work to be a double loop learning organization; an organization that drives creativity and innovation, going beyond adapting to change to anticipating or being ahead of change.

What advice would you give women feeling called to start a nonprofit?

Look before you leap! Don’t start a nonprofit unless you have done your market research and determined no other organization is filling the need. Start by identifying who is doing the work and whether you could be more effective as a volunteer, board member, or fill a paid position there. Running a nonprofit, especially in direct services is often running two businesses at once; Generating revenue and serving your clients. And unlike for-profits the more people you serve, your revenue decreases. A start-up nonprofit is much more difficult to sustain than a startup in any other sector if your operations require substantial funding and staff. If after you have done your research, you find your nonprofit can meet an unfilled government or market failure, find a way to quickly get your work started. The nonprofit sector receives funding for work performed, not ideas. The sooner you can demonstrate evidence-based outcomes the better.

One ah-ha moment since starting this journey?

I wouldn’t call it an ah-ha moment however I do think it’s important to mention that each business life-cycle or even crisis whether external or internal, will call for different strengths and adaptive leadership. We live in a rapidly changing environment and the days of three-five year strategic plans are over. Getting your team on board to embrace change is imperative to building personal and organizational resilience and driving your organization’s societal impact.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Journal more. Some day someone will need to read your hard lessons learned so that they can mitigate what you couldn’t.

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Meet Wendy

At four years old, Wendy knew what it meant to be homeless. She was exposed to domestic violence all through childhood and so it seemed “normal” to her…so normal that when she began to experience abuse in her own relationship, she had no frame of reference for genuine love, safety, or a stable home life.

But once Wendy realized that she and her boys were in real danger, she fled. She knew it would mean sleeping in their car and possibly giving up her dream of finishing her degree… But thanks to Door of Hope and the Casa program, designed to nurture families whose moms are enrolled in vocational training programs, Wendy’s dream is still alive!

She and her sons are safe and she is on the path to teacher certification. More importantly, they are all on the road to home.

Learn More about Door Of Hope

A young woman stood courageously at Scarlet Road’s drop-in center door this spring. Over a series of weeks, she began to entrust us with her story. Since she was 11 years old, June had been subjected to violent sex trafficking. As an adult, she escaped her traffickers but became a victim of domestic violence.

Entering the Aftercare program, June’s first priority was safety for herself and her 7-year-old daughter. Through a local partnership, Scarlet Road was able to connect June with safe, stable housing at no cost, and much-needed household furniture. June is taking the initiative for each next step: pursuing her education, requesting classes in understanding and managing her finances, and making plans to keep herself and her daughter safe.

At her new dining room table, June is thrilled to start a brand new routine of sitting down to “family dinner time” each evening with her daughter. Together, they’re beginning a new season of connectedness and growth.

Learn More About Scarlet Road
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John 3:16

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters."

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Memorial Day

May 30, 2022

National Military Appreciation Month

The Month of May

National Mental Health Awareness Month

The Month of May


For mental health support, specifically for Veterans, check out our partners Kleen Street and Los Angeles Christian Health Centers.

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