AHCA pulled from the House floor, thanks to your work
Dear Network members,

Thank you and congratulations! By now I'm sure you've all heard the news that the AHCA has been pulled from the House floor. This is a tremendous turn of events after the rushed committee votes and overnight news that Republican leaders were submitting amendments to repeal essential health benefits. 

To all of you who jumped into action over the last four months, thank you. Throughout the country, activists made thousands of calls, flooded town hall meetings, hosted their own events, and generated news headlines in their communities. Ultimately, all of this action is THE thing that made the difference - you made the stakes real for your members of Congress. 

We're not done yet. This administration will continue to challenge us - from nominating extreme anti-LGBT judges, to chipping away at regulations protecting LGBT people from discrimination. But we go into those battles with a win under our belt and a renewed faith that our activism can and already has made a difference. Onward!
Thank you for your continued support.


Amanda Wallner
Director, CA LGBT Health & Human Services Network