Wishing you and your family health, hope, and a happy new year!
As the year ends, we want to thank our donors, corporate sponsors, community partners, and volunteers who have supported us through yet another uncertain year. Many are still struggling and have been presented with various hardships, but with your support, our services continue to expand and allow us to provide essential services to parents with hospitalized infants.

Before we close the 2021 year, we ask you to continue creating miracles for our beautiful and hopeful ICU families. Your gift may qualify for
the CARES Act tax incentive for charitable giving. This incentive has been extended through the end of 2021. Learn more and take advantage of this benefit by giving to our Miracle Babies' families today.

In 2022, we will continue to provide and expand essential services including the launch of My Brain & My Baby, a perinatal mental health program for moms. We look forward and appreciate your continued support!

Care to continue the impact in 2022?
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