To Our Loyal Customers,

This announcement may come as a shock, in all honestly it is a shock to us. This decision has come around fast, yet it is what we, as a family, feel is the best decision to make at this time. After 70 years in the sewing industry we have decided to close our doors and seek other adventures. We are extremely grateful for all the years of the bells on the door jingling and seeing you walk through the doors warming our store and our hearts. Each of us has loved working with you, and as we enter the next chapter in our lives we think of you fondly.
Dear ladies and gentleman,

To see something I have worked for my entire life close is heartbreaking. Though I guess I should say bittersweet. I loved working with my dad, and miss being by his side every day. I have thoroughly enjoyed having my children work side by side with me, but they are at a point in their lives where different things are pulling them away and they can no longer serve you in the capacity that you need. I never thought this day would come. I assumed I would be working till the day I died, and that my children and grandchildren would carry on the family business. However we have had wonderful opportunities placed before us that have given us a different perspective on life, and as such a different purpose for each of us. For me personally I have been serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and this has helped me realize that I can serve others outside of the sewing and quilting world. My fears to enter into retirement have disappeared as I fall in love with serving others and realize that I have so many other things I can do in my life. May life bring all of you continued happiness and may your hearts always find joy in sewing and quilting. I will miss all of you, and want to thank you for the many years you have melding into my heart.

-Ernie Floyd
To you wonderful ladies, and very cool gentlemen, sewers and quilters,

It has been my pleasure to work with you, and get to know so many of you on a personal level. It brings tears to my eyes to see this chapter of my life close. My Grandfather started in the sewing industry in 1948, as a child I would spend days in the shop with him and my Dad, sometimes doing the awful task of inventory. And then I spent 22 years of my personal life deeply devoted to helping others fall in love with the art of sewing and quilting. As many of you know I left the front lines when I had my second daughter Shirley. While it was fun to have Ansley in my arms while teaching and working the sales floor, it was near impossible with 2 kids, and my desire to be with them. So these past 9 years I have been working behind the scenes. It has been fun seeing some of you as I've made a few cameo's, but I truly have missed you every day, and will continue to miss you. I wish that the timing was right where I could come back into the store on a full time basis, but my family comes first and I still need to be home with my girls. I have always considered you family, and hope for the best in not only your future sewing and quilting adventures, but life and family as well. THANK YOU for supporting our family for all these years, it means more to us then you could ever know.

-Elizabeth Floyd Withers
To all my friends and family that I have acquired over the years,

As many of you know I thoroughly enjoy all things tech. In my spare time, I have been learning how to program websites and mobile applications. I have decided to pursue this as my next career and I have an opportunity to join a full-time school which will be taking me away from Floyd and Lizzie's. It is sad and exciting to see this chapter in my life closing but I can be thankful that I have helped so many people on their journey of sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Over the years I have worked extremely close with my sister Liz as she taught me the ways of running a very successful business. No matter the time of day she would always be there with the answer to my crazy questions. It was also a great time in my life to reconnect with my Dad. There was a point in my life when I didn't see eye to eye with him but I believe my experiences with him in this business has given us a much stronger relationship and I love him dearly. We not only had a profitable business but every customer that walked in our doors felt like they were family and not just a dollar sign. This is what makes it the hardest because I have met so many wonderful people over the years. Thank you to everyone that has worked side by side with me to help make Floyd and Lizzie's the cool place to work and hang out!  I will miss all the employees and customers that I have come across throughout my 8 years of being here and I hope that we can all stay connected. I love you all, keep on sewing!

-Daniel Floyd
Current Classes And New Customers,

We will be calling all individuals that are enrolled in current classes to discuss your situation personally. As for anyone that has purchased a new sewing machine we will also call you personally and schedule a time to get you thoroughly trained on your new equipment. All your warranties will transfer with you as the warranty is a manufacturer warranty.

Please call us with any questions.

-Floyd and Lizzie's

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