June 1, 2020
Thank you for Rockin' With Us!
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is committed to keeping our loyal supporters up to date on our past, present and future rescue efforts. To help with this we have decided to send periodic Newsletters chocked full of all the information you want and need to continue supporting our mission!

Welcome to our first issue, where we will share a Transformation Story, a few Adoptable Dogs, a Foster Feature, a quick hello from our Volunteer Coordinator and a few of the ways you can help us raise money other than donating directly via PayPal or Venmo. Of course we appreciate any and all forms of support!

In the future we will provide more amazing transformations, introduce you to our Kitty Corner, let you know about upcoming events and in person fundraisers, introduce you to more fosters, volunteers and adopters. We will continue to give you additional ways that you can help us save more animals in need and keep you up to date about our new facility.
Meet Chance
Chance came to us suffering after either being dumped unable to fend for himself, or purposely neglected to the point he is near death. He was completely emaciated. His blood platelets were non-existent, and he needed multiple transfusions to keep him alive. His skin was so raw and crusted it bleed when he moved, or when he was touched. Chance spent a considerable amount of time at our partner vet in Texas receiving life saving medical care. 

Once Chance was well enough to travel to NY it was discovered that he had a diaphragmatic hernia which needed immediate surgery. He also suffered from severe dental disease and an old femur fracture which required additional surgery. These additional surgeries cost over $10,000, but look at Chance now! He looks amazing and is happily adopted!

This is just one example of what your support and donations help us to achieve!

Meet Jeter

Jeter, a handsome pittie,was born in mid-2012 and is about 60 pounds. He was rescued in south Texas, extremely emaciated and weighing only 33 pounds. Jeter
is up to date on shots and neutered. He is good with all adults and kids over the age of 12. Jeter's perfect home would be one where he was the only pet, with a fenced in yard to play in. Jeter does not like other dogs in his area, so the perfect family for him would be experienced with his breed and knowledgeable with handling. He is crate trained, knows his commands, potty trained, and he absolutely loves to play. Jeter is really sweet with his people and seeks attention, and is great with returning affection.

Meet Justus

Handsome Justus is a four year-old pit mix with a real love for life. He had a rough start in life, and was found on a chain with no fur, and no use of his back legs due to a spine injury caused by blunt force trauma. With the help of our loving vets and intensive physical therapy, he has made an inspiring recovery and is now able to run and play and live life the way he was meant to! Sweet Justus simply adores every single person he meets, so much that he would love to be the only dog in his new home and have the undivided attention he so deserves. If you’re ready to give this boy unconditional love and show him all the luxuries life has to offer, apply today!

Meet Annie

Annie is a 6 year old boxer mix, who was found on someone's porch; pregnant and starving. She stayed for a couple of weeks, until she got into the neighbor's dog food. The neighbor threatened to take matters into his own hands. A good Samaritan intervened and Annie became a member of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC family. Annie is fantastic with kids and other people but she is not a fan of cats or other small animals. She's af fectionate, house-trained, and loves to be with her people! She is a 70lb hunk of love. She likes long walks, car rides and you can’t go into your freezer without giving her an ice cube! Can you give Annie the home she deserves?

Meet Rachelle
Say hello to Rachelle! Rachelle has been an RDRNYC volunteer for almost 2 years now. When in her 20’s, Rachelle battled some anxiety and depression. As part of her recovery she decided that she needed to focus her anxiety on something that made her happy and fulfilled. Naturally, since she has loved animals since she was a little girl, she started to research rescues near her. She came across RDRNYC, took one look at Jeter’s face and she fell in love (Jeter is one of our Featured Adoptable Dogs). She immediately completed an application to volunteer. She began by doing some transports and home visits. Not too long after, she asked to attend the Best Friends Adoption Event. It was there that she met several other volunteers, all who had the same love and passion for dogs as Rachelle. After meeting these other volunteers, who she now proudly calls her “best friends,” Rachelle got even more involved. She helps with events, fundraisers, social media and even with medical. But according to Rachelle, THE most rewarding thing that she does for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is FOSTER. Rachelle says, “I foster because I can’t change the world but I can change the world for that one dog. I never thought I could give up a dog like most people, but when you see them in their forever home that is the most rewarding feeling. When you first get them they are scared and frail when they leave they are healthy and so happy.” Currently Rachelle is fostering Portia, and her 6 puppies. Rachelle is also an experienced bottle feeder and she has fostered full grown dogs. She is truly an amazing asset to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Thank you for all you do, Rachelle!

Would you like to become a Foster for RDRNYC? Apply Today!

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Volunteer Today
Meet Kelsey our Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Every volunteer role is important in helping us save more dogs and find them loving forever homes. If you wish to join our community of committed volunteers with a passion for rescue, please fill out an application our on our website.

In 2019, Blue (follow him @blue_the_mush_pit) was voted the winner of the Rescue Hero Contest sponsored by Pibborafi. Blue’s story of mistreatment is upsetting, but after a long road of treatment, he has recovered and is a happy healthy Instagram Star! When Blue was dubbed a Rescue Hero Winner, he got to choose a rescue/shelter to help. He chose Rescue Dogs Rock NYC! Pibborafi has gifted a limited number of Blue plushies to the rescue to use as a fundraising tool.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has a Community Outreach Program where we educate the youth in our local schools about animal cruelty and adoption. We often hear that children cannot adopt because of various reasons including, housing restrictions, lack of time to train/walk, financial difficulties, allergies, etc. Have an elderly family member who loves dogs and may need the company of an adorable plush dog? Blue is definitely the answer to lifting spirits of any human in any stage of life! We believe that every child (or adult) should be able to adopt if their heart desires. Because of this, we have decided to launch the Adopt-A-Blue Program, using the limited number of Blue plushies that were sent to us by Piffborafi. The minimum adoption fee (which is also a tax donation) is $50. Each Blue plushie is shipped for free and will come with an adoption certificate, the story of Blue, Pibborafi and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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