Elegant, fun, smooth, comfortable, crisp, professional ... all words used by those who attended our 2017 Cowboy Cab. We are still feeling the glow and smiling.
I simply cannot begin to express my appreciation to every attendee, vendor, donor, sponsor, volunteer, teen, staff and board member who all contributed to the best Cowboy Cab ever!!  Below you will find some special recognition to individuals who truly made it all happen, but each of you played a part. The spirit, love, and laughter experienced at the event are also a reflection of our Sonoma community - people who care, do something about what matters to them, and hopefully have fun in the process.
Below you will also find some other great news, fun photos, and an excerpt from the program: statistics from 2016/17 that tell a compelling story about the organizational growth and impact of Teen Services Sonoma.  But the amazing story told by our alum Jason Davis, the happy smile of Norma Martinez, and each of the teens that served you with a smile are what we are all about.
Thank you so much,


Thanks to all of you, Cowboy Cab brought us a net of
$101,000 to support our programs!

But believe it or not the good news did not end there.  The very next Saturday we were able to celebrate the receipt of two Community Grants from Impact 100 Sonoma!

The first is a program grant to support our summer workshops that provide an opportunity for Sonoma Valley low-income, at-risk youth to acquire hands-on technical welding and carpentry skills and related work-based learning experience with local employers.
The second is a capital grant to purchase critical equipment and supplies to upgrade our hospitality programs, specifically Lovin' Oven at TSS and the No Name Café at Sonoma Valley High School.   We will tell you a bit more about these as they progress, but this was certainly a month to remember!

How do you talk about Teen Services Sonoma? Do you describe the successes of the Ready to Work program and the three micro-businesses? Do you tell the individual stories or share the numbers? Some statistics definitely bring a smile to one's face and tell a compelling story:
  • 97 workshop days for teens scheduled
  • 2,877 on-the-job training hours provided for teens & young adults through TSS's 3 micro businesses
  • 3,273 visits made to the Teen Center by teens seeking safety, inclusion, friendship, & guidance
  • 408 individual teens benefited from Teen Center trips and activities
  • 1000 bicycles will have been recycled by the end of 2017
  • 190% increase in enrollment in the Ready-to-Work program since inception**
  • 37 different nonprofit and service club partners hired the Lovin' Oven for catering and event services, AND
  • 26,000 Lovin' Oven chocolate chip cookies were sold in the No Name Café!
**139 enrolled, 91 graduated, 21 enrolled in college and 45 employed


To view the Cowboy Cab Slide Show, click here.
All photos courtesy of Miller Oberlin


First and foremost to our event producers:
If you loved the décor, the design, the creativity and comfort, then you will join us in thanking board member, Tammy Samut, her vendors Rion Designs and Off the Grid, and all of her amazing team who volunteered their time, expertise, and materials. They made this event shine like it never has before.
Special recognition also goes to:
Cornerstone Sonoma for donating the amazing facilities
Angela Ryan, Co-Chair of the event and Gary Nelson for setting up the entire registration system
Ed Gold, our amazing auctioneer for his energy, humor and advice
Pat Meier-Johnson and Russ Johnson for the wonderful posters of our teens
Miller Oberlin for the great photos
Steve Page, President and General Manager of Sonoma Raceway, our long-term friend
Jerica Tercero, David Wells, Taylor Serres, for those extraordinary wine lots AND the Napa Experience
Judy and Les Vadasz for their generous matching gift
The teens, staff, and board of Teen Services Sonoma for too many things to list
To our beverage and food donors:
BREWPUBLIK, Cline Cellars, Cold Stone Creamery, Gary Edwards, Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards, Prohibition Spirits Distillery, Highway 12 Vineyard & Winery, Kunde Family Winery, Larson Family Winery, Random Ridge Winery, Don Sebastiani & Sons, Sonoma Market, Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance, Three Sticks Wines, TR Elliot Winery
To our auction Item donors:
35:50 Club, Benziger Family Winery, Francine Brossier, Depot Hotel Restaurant, Nancy Dome, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Kunde Family Winery, The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa, Annette Lomont, Luther Burbank Center, Mary's Pizza Shack, Parkpoint Health Club Sonoma, Sonoma Land Trust, Sonoma Raceway, Solage Auberge Napa Valley, Sushinoma
And to our wonderful sponsors:


Lorraine Ashton
The Heck Foundation
Vera C. Hendry Foundation
Pamella Olson and Donald Ryndak
Judy Scotchmoor and Roland Gangloff
Barbara Talbott and John Riley

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