2016 has been a big year for the Public Interest Law Center, thanks to the support of people like you

School Funding
School funding legal team

We took our school funding lawsuit to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to fight for equitable funding for 2 million school students, and we produced reports on how much Pennsylvania would need to spend to adequately educate its students.

Yazmin Vazquez
Yazmin Vazquez and her mom
We re-invigorated our housing efforts and helped a Philadelphia renter stand up for her legal right to live in safe and healthy housing, with a message to landlords: "Be prepared to follow the law and repair and maintain your property, not just collect rent to get rich quick."

Florida legal team
Florida legal team

We obtained a settlement in our Medicaid case in Florida, improving access to Medicaid for 2 million children in the state.

Philly complaints
Parent clients with their legal team
Thanks to a settlement in a lawsuit we brought, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has created  its first-ever formal policy and procedure for accepting and responding to complaints from parents, teachers and advocates about curriculum deficiencies in public schools.

Soil Generation
Soil Generation coalition

Our community organizer, Kirtrina Baxter, and Soil Generation organized over 100 farmers and advocates to attend and testify at Philadelphia City Council's first hearing devoted solely to urban agriculture.


We moved forward in a federal law suit against the School District of Philadelphia for failing to provide interpretation and translation services to  25,000 families  with limited English proficiency.

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Jennifer R. Clarke
Executive Director