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'Choosing the Right Lenses & Optics for your Machine Vision Application'
Presented by Vision Systems Design on July 14th 2021
If you had questions about our Linear Optical Technology® that you didn’t have a chance to ask, we are here to help!
Theia was founded in 2006 to bring the benefits of our patented rectilinear lens technology to the imaging industry worldwide. Theia offers a family of ultra wide, no distortion lenses using our patented technology to correct barrel distortion without software or its inherent latency. Many of you asked, ‘What makes Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology® different?’ While other rectilinear lenses are achieved with larger front elements, Theia’s technology enables a smaller front element so our lenses are more compact and can fit in smaller envelopes. Our lenses enable up to 135 degrees Horizontal Field of View with up to 200lp/mm resolution! And are excellently NIR corrected for multi spectral applications! Learn more about this award-winning, innovative technology in our white paper and continue reading below to learn about the lenses in this family.
Theia's ML183 ultra wide varifocal has a focal length of 1.8-3mm, a
HFOV of 115° ,
5+ MP resolution, for Day/Night cameras, up to 1/2.3" 4k camera compatible.

Theia's MY125 Ultra Wide Angle lens has focal length of 1.3mm, a HFOV of 135°, 5 MP resolution, visible only for up to 1/2.5" sensors.
Theia's MY110 Ultra Wide Day/Night Lens has a focal length of 1.7mm, a
HFOV of 120°, 3 MP resolution, for up to 1/3" sensors.

If you would like to evaluate a lens, please contact us, provide your camera details to determine lens compatibility,
and describe your application and needs.
Theia offers an online calculator that can assist in determining the resolution for a given field of view. With our calculator you will see the trade-off between sensor size, image resolution, and field of view.
If we haven’t answered your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.