Thank you for attending our 63rd annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting and Conference Weekend!
The Section Executive would like to thank all attendees of the 63rd annual Ontario Anesthesia Meeting (OAM). We were delighted that so many of you could join us for the variety of events surrounding our conference in Toronto. The OAM would not happen without the tireless work of many. I want to extend a warm thank you to Jennifer Csamer and Nazlene Shivcharan for doing an outstanding job of making sure the planning committee’s vision comes to life, alongside the OA Administrative Coordinator Emily Hill. The leaders of the planning team were Dr. Greg Bosey as the overall Chair, Dr. Ryan Smith as Academic Chair, and Dr. Paul Gill as planning support. They did an outstanding job creating a rich academic program. And thanks of course to all the speakers, your generous contributions helped make our vision a reality. As we begin to plan for next year’s OAM and continue to expand our educational and professional development opportunities, please let us know how we can best serve you, our membership, with specific suggestions for speakers and content.

The Annual General Meeting on Friday afternoon was well attended and we were pleased to have so many attend the ‘business’ component of our meeting. We are very grateful to Dr. Nadia Alam, President of the Ontario Medical Association, for taking time out of her busy schedule and joining us to provide an update regarding topical issues which concern us all. On Saturday morning, we were educated on physician wellness by two excellent speakers, Mr. Matt Kursh from Oji Life Labs presenting on Emotions at Work and Dr. Ted Bober presenting on Finding Joy in Medicine . They both gave wonderful key note Beyond the Mask presentations and they enriched the academic program.

The section’s vision is also to expand networking forums for our members in a friendly, comfortable environment. This year we held our second annual Family Practice Anesthesiologist L uncheon and had a tremendous turnout, thanks to the planning of our FP-A executive member Dr. Paul Gill.  The FP-A luncheon was an action oriented meeting focusing on developing workstreams that will look at how FP-As can bring value to the greater OAS, what kind of supports we need from the section, and how we better collaborate with our FP partners.  Similarly, we had another productive Chief’s Luncheon, chaired by your OA Chair Dr. Christopher Harle. The luncheon served to update chiefs the ongoing tools in place to support their line of work and to gather feedback about their institutions. As well we had another successful Transition-to-Practice event for anesthesia Resident and fellows, providing a forum for to network, build expertise in leadership, understanding finances, and policy advocacy. We encourage members to put forward networking ideas and to attend these forums to better align and improve the work of our section.

Our 2019 conference dates are Thursday September 26th to Sunday September 29th , back in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle.  Please hold the date!  We have already begun working on another program which we hope will continue to meet the outstanding caliber of educational opportunity we have now come to expect from the OAM

For any additional questions, please email our new OA Administrative Coordinator, Lindsay Kneteman, at We welcome Lindsay to our team, she will be replacing Emily Hill who begins maternity leave this October.

There were a variety of highlights to report at this year’s event. In our 4th year, the Beyond the Mask initiative has seen a lot of great success over the last year. Our working group has three unique project hubs, the Leadership Hub, Working with Stakeholder hub and the Membership hub. The working group met over the conference weekend to strategize around a new Perioperative Pain Management project, and established goals for our 2018-19 Beyond the Mask year. Please see below for a listing of individual hub work and please reach out to our group if you would like to be involved.

We thank the BTM working group for their remarkable work the past year and look forward to seeing new projects in 2018-2019.
Working with Members Hub

  • The BTM Roadshow
  • BTM Booth at conferences
  • Engaging Members on the Resources Centers
  • Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide: A Year in Review
Leadership Hub

  • Customized leadership day, Health System Fundamentals for the Anesthesiologist
  • Partnership with the Oji Life Lab Emotional Intelligence Tool
Working with Stakeholders Hub
  • Strategizing with stakeholders to begin a Perioperative Pain Management project
  • Promotion of the HQO Hospital Performance Series Reports
  • Ontario Stakeholder Map
Accepting Applications for Oji Life Labs Emotional Intelligence Tool
The BTM initiative was selected to participate in an innovative training trial to increase levels of empathy and connectedness among healthcare professionals in a healthcare setting

Based on research from the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, which indicates that emotions drive:
  • Attention, memory, learning
  • Decision-making
  • Relationship quality
  • Physical and mental health
  • Creativity & performance

Purpose: support individuals and teams enhance their personal and professional effectiveness by becoming more adept at regulating their emotions

We have a 30 open seats for select anesthesiologists who are interested in exploring and expanding their own emotional intelligence while at the same time, engaging with OJI Lab personnel to determine any changes to collegial relationships and satisfaction with work. Please complete the application below if you are interested in participating. Applications close October 10th.
Ontario's Anesthesiologists' Distinguished Service Award
Congratulations to Dr. Doreen Yee!
It is with great pleasure that we announce the recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Doreen Yee. Dr. Yee has made significant, long-lasting contributions to the practice of Anesthesiology both provincially and at the national level. She is we ll known among our membership as she has distinguish herself as a leader in areas of administration, clinical service, as well as education and teaching. 

Dr. Yee has a long history of involvement in the practice and development of Anesthesia across the country. She has been involved at the Hospital, University, and National levels and is well known to many Anesthesia groups. She very much functions as an ambassador for the profession and is highly respected for her keen insight and non-biased views. Locally, she acted as the president of the Medical Staff Association at Sunnybrook Health Sciences, as well as Director of Fellowship Programs in the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Toronto. Nationally, she was the Chair of the Canadian Anesthesia Research Foundation through the Canadian Anesthesia Society. Provincially, she has made significant contributions on the executive of Ontario's Anesthesiologists as the section Treasurer. Role models like Dr. Yee provide the inspirational foundation for future Anesthesiologist administrators and leaders. 

Dr. Yee's colleagues spoke very highly of her character, "I have worked with Doreen both in the operating room and in the trauma bay through her other role as Trauma Team Leader. She is a kind, collaborative and passionate clinician who provides an excellent model to other health care professionals of the value and skill sets Anesthesiologists bring to a team. She advocates fiercely for the education and well-being of residents and fellows through her university appointments and works tirelessly for the benefit of her patients."

Dr. Yee's contribution to our specialty has truly been unique and inspiring. Dr. Yee is most deserving of recognition by our section. We congratulate Dr. Yee for all her wonderful achievements and we’re thrilled to honour her work with our 2018 Distinguished Service Award.

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