Thanks for attending the Collaboration Confab!

Thanks so much for spending two days with us at the Collaboration Confab! Microsoft was an absolutely brilliant host, the speakers were phenomenal, and the conversation and dialogue was inspirational.

We videotaped all of the sessions on February 19, and will be sharing the video and slides with you as soon as complete. Our videographer is hard at work, so stay tuned!

Feedback Forums
We'd like to hear from you about what we can improve on for the next event, and what we did well. Join us for an online retrospective, using the Learning Matrix collaboration framework, on either:

Note there is no voice or video required, but you will need to access Idea Engine from a modern web browser such as Chrome of Firefox. 

You may have noticed that you have received certification credits in the Conteneo Collaboration Architect program for the workshops and sessions you attended. We assigned credits based on the email address you registered with, so please let me know if you need adjustments.

Staying in Touch
We'd love to hear your reactions and interactions from the conference, and what you're up to (blog posts, photos). Send any links via email or you can find us and share via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks again for attending, and I hope to see you at a future ConfabPlaycamp or workshop!


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Tami Carter
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Collaboration Confab 2016 | 18-19 Feb. 2016