March 2016
Numbers have Life
  • 30 women and children walk into our Day Center ( 8 a.m to 3 p.m on weekdays ) to access showers, laundry, resources, computers, phones, meals. 
  • 22 adult women walk into our Emergency Winter Shelter to spend the night in a safe, warm place. 
  • 30 families spend their night at our Emergency Winter Shelter where meals and a place to sleep are provided  
  • 21 women stay at Sophia's Place for a period of six months.
Message from the ED
March Madness is here but in a very good way at The Sophia Way.  There's so much going on!
Always Improving
Our direct service staff have been busy improving the way we do things at  Sophia's Place-our 6 month night shelter program and Day Center.  Staff members have come up with a smooth system that allows clients to checkout a laptop that has the latest MS Office Suite uploaded so they can do effective job searches, complete housing applications or research for human services they may be eligible for.  I'm also excited to see a Client Survey being implemented so that we can get valuable feedback from our shelter clients about their experiences and what we need to improve or change in terms of our services to them.   We are also pleased to share that our extended Day Center hours that go until 3 p.m, have been overwhelmingly appreciated by the women.  There is now more time to do laundry, have a shower, and enjoy a hot meal without being rushed and wondering if you can get it all done.  Everyone is less stressed and much calmer.
Thank you to our Faith Based Partners
We would not have emergency winter shelters without the churches.  The churches provide the warm space for women and families to rest and be safe during the long winter nights. Not to mention the numerous volunteers they recruit to help with gathering supplies and donating meals. I would like to thank the following churches who have been a host this season, are currently hosting, or are about to host:
  • Redmond United Methodist-host from October-December
  • Bellevue First Congregational -host from January-February
  • Cross of Christ Lutheran-host for March and a special thank you for accommodating our urgent request at the very last minute!
  • St. Peter's United Methodist-host from January-March
  • Overlake Park Presbyterian-host from April-May
We have had to find additional churches to host this winter because we needed more space.   There has been a large increase in the number of guests we have served this season-especially among families who have children under the age of four.  We also serve single adult women who are generally an older population in their mid-50s. Being able to provide separate shelters for both of these groups, who have very divergent needs, has been a tremendous improvement.  Both staff and guests report a better experience.  And of course, we could not have provided the additional shelter without the emergency funding we received from the Eastside Cities and King County-thank you.  It truly takes a community effort to respond effectively, efficiently, and humanely to the dire needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.
New Office
Now back to that "madness". . . we are moving offices on April 1 st-no fooling.  We hope you can join us for our new office Open House (invitation below).   
New Awareness Event
We are also hosting our first annual  Breakfast with a Purpose event on April 21 st at the Red Lion in Bellevue.  Come join us for 90 minutes that may just positively change your life and create a more caring community.
The Sophia Way on King 5 News
"It's just unreal," explained "JJ", a woman living in our shelter, 
"I had a good life and then all the sudden, everything was taken away.  This could happen to anybody. You're a paycheck away from being homeless.
Check out JJ's story on King 5 News here

A message for everybody
'Being Homeless is not fun. It is very depressing, lonely, cold, dangerous and sad. I know it's not my fault to be in the state I am now. 
I want to do something different. I need a job and income and I know I will have my own place one day'
- Alyssa who walked into the office asking for help

You can change Alyssa's life. Sponsor a woman like Alyssa for her stay at the shelter for 6 months. 
For $44 per day, The Sophia Way provides shelter, case management and access to vital resources to help women like Alyssa find her way back to independence and living in a place to call her own. 

Click here to Donate. 
Events Coming up

Breakfast with a Purpose

Come to our Breakfast and find what matters most to you!   Creating a living space that is safe, vibrant and compassionate starts with you.  Help yourself by advocating for the community you want to live in. Find out how our millennial speakers have already made a positive impact. 

You get involved in things that are close to your heart and is meaningful to you!  Let us explore that together. 

New Office Open House 

We are moving to a beautiful new office in April, and would love to share it with you! Please come see our new space and enjoy some light refreshments, and join us in thanking our amazing Board f Directors for all that they do for us! 
We thank you for your past and continued partnership in our mission to end homelessness for adult women on the Eastside. We are excited to start this new chapter in our journey with you.

Community Support

Thank you for touring our shelter, bringing much needed orange juice and useful donations to our shelter. 

Thank you ladies of Ravishing Women for touring our shelter and signing up for meals at our Day Center. 

Thank you Seattle' Sleepless Singles for touring our shelter We look forward to an ongoing partnership

Volunteers Spotlight
Our entire front desk is run by an amazing team of volunteers. Someone is here every single day of the week. 
Thank you for being the face of our agency. You make a difference every day! 

Thank you: 

Kathy Riley
Alison Dildine
Sue Fazio Pat Landy
Madhura Kulkarni Jess Leslie