We appreciate you and are committed to keeping you safe in our office environment.
At Momma's Health and Wellness (Momma's Medispa) we care deeply about your health and safety. We are now the ONLY San Diego based Medispa with this XLM Ultraviolet UVC Disinfection Tower. Like us, this high power light is MOBILE to address the needs of our expanding practice.

The UV-C High Power Ultraviolet Disinfection System has shown to be effective in inactivating microorganisms. For years, ultraviolet wavelengths have demonstrated to be effective in a variety of skin treatments, disinfection applications, and other processes. UVC which is the shortest of the UV rays, has been shown to be germicidal and effective in stopping viruses from reproducing.

How Does UV Light Work?
When Ultraviolet wave lengths aka UV Light enters a cell, it disables the cell by rendering the organism inactive or unable to reproduce.

We really care about your experience at Momma's. We are open 6 days for your convenience and have expanded our services over the last 6 months. Thank you for your continued loyalty and for your valuable time.