We’re dreaming of the day that we can gather together again at Amherst Cinema. The day when we can serve you fresh popcorn and your favorite beverage. When we can sit together in the quiet darkness of the theater and let the magic of the movies envelop us. When we can linger in the lobby afterward, discussing film and catching up.

That day will come, eventually. And it’s because of you that we’ll get there.

Since March, we’ve signed up 97 new Members and welcomed 77 new donors. That’s 174 new supporters in addition to all those who have renewed their support through Memberships and financial gifts. Would you like to join this wonderful circle of supporters? We hope so! It is the direct support we have received from this community that is helping us get through this difficult time. We simply cannot thank you all enough!
Until we can see you again, we’ll continue to provide you with the very best films to inspire, inform, and entertain you. Today in Virtual Cinema we’re opening quirky comedy EXTRA ORDINARY and record store documentary OTHER MUSIC . Thank you for supporting us with your digital ticket purchases.

We're also excited to share our digital retrospective of filmmaker Andrew Bujalski, whose work can be appreciated on screens of every size. New Yorker Critic Richard Brody praises Bujalski as “one of the main creators of modern cinema.” We're thrilled to point you to his thoughtful films and to an in-depth discussion between our very own George Myers and Bujalski. If you’d like to make a donation in support of our curation efforts, we would be so grateful.

THANK YOU for believing in the power of film and for standing by us.
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through 5/7
Rose (Maeve Higgins), a sweet and lonely Irish small-town driving instructor, must use her supernatural talents to save the daughter of Martin (also mostly sweet and lonely) from a washed-up rock star (Will Forte) who is using her in a Satanic pact to reignite his fame. Film School Rejects calls it "the best supernatural comedy since WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS."
through 5/7
An uncompromising independent Manhattan record store that was vital to NYC’s 2000s music scene is forced to close its doors after 20 years. Featuring Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, Interpol, and more, this documentary reminds us that the spirit of the much-loved destination will live on. 
through 5/7
This breathtaking documentary was filmed at seven locations where humans are transforming the planet on a grand scale. Director Nikolaus Geyrhalter contrasts these large scale projects with interviews with the individuals helping to realize them to highlight our fraught struggles for and against the planet. A New York Times Critic's Pick!
through 4/30
A portrait of the work and life of controversial film critic  Pauline Kael , and her battle to achieve success and influence in the 20th century movie business.
through 4/30
THE BOOKSELLERS takes viewers inside the small but fascinating world of antiquarian booksellers, populated by an assortment of obsessives, intellects, eccentrics, and dreamers. It's both a loving celebration of book culture and a serious exploration of the future of the book.
through 4/30
This dazzling documentary describes the life and craft of abstract artist Hilma af Klint. In 1906, inspired by spiritualism, modern science, and the riches of the natural world around her, Klimt began to create a series of huge, colorful, sensual, strange works without precedent in painting. A New York Times Critic's Pick!
through 4/30
Winner of the Best Documentary award at the Cannes Film Festival, THE CORDILLERA OF DREAMS investigates the relationship between historical memory, political trauma, and geography in master filmmaker Patricio Guzmán's native Chile.
through 4/30
In post-WWII Leningrad, two women, Iya and Masha, intensely bonded after fighting side by side as anti-aircraft gunners, attempt to readjust to a haunted world. A shocking accident brings them closer and also seals their fates. A New York Times Critic's Pick!
through 4/30
The world is stuck inside staring out, like a cat on a windowsill. To raise everyone's spirits, longtime CatVideoFest curator extraordinaire, Will Braden, has crafted a 45-minute "treat" of a reel that includes the very best videos from CVF history.
We so miss sharing with you our in-theater film series, especially our director retrospectives. So, in lieu of presenting a series on the big screen, we thought we'd bring something special to your small screen.

We reached out to one of our favorite contemporary filmmakers and were delighted when he agreed to sit for a Zoom interview with Amherst Cinema General Manager and Programmer George Myers. So, without further ado, we are thrilled to present our first ever Digital Retrospective, featuring the films of Andrew Bujalski.

On our Digital Retrospective page , you can watch the entertaining and enlightening 45-minute conversation between George and Andrew. You can also read up on the filmmaker's six feature films, as well as find out where to stream or rent each of those movies. We hope you enjoy this digital retrospective, and that it reminds you of some of your favorite film series at Amherst Cinema.
Looking for streaming selections from our staff, board, and volunteers? Check out our archive of At-Home Cinema Selections and look for more in upcoming e-newsletters throughout our temporary closure.
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