Thank You!
We want to thank you so much for spending your weekend with us!

We loved sharing stories and memories, and building new friendships and foundations for the next generation of Tavor chanichimot (campers).

As part of those foundations, we’re hoping you’ll take a few minutes and fill out the  2019 Family Camp Survey! 

If you have already filled it out, we thank you. If you haven't, please take a few moments to complete the survey. Your answers will help us build future events together.

Day One: Get Your Dance On!
On Friday, we focused on getting to know each other. We were so lucky to have an incredible group of Tavor alumni and extraordinary families new to Camp Tavor.

After a brief break to get settled in, we shared a beautiful brisket(and tofu!) Shabbat dinner before the evenings most fun event… rikkud (dance) as the lightening bugs flickered around us!

What a night it was on the basketball courts! So much energy and ruach (spirit). 
Day Two: Canoe Handle It!
Day two mother nature couldn't have been more cooperative! It was the perfect backdrop for the days luz (schedule).
In the morning, some of us worked in the chava, or made bug houses in the beit-o (art house). Others read the book and made their own "Stone Soup"!
We also had a full day of swimming and kayaking, canoeing and paddle-boarding.

Some campers got to make their own chocolate chip mint ice cream, with mint harvested in the chava.
In the evening, we had a musicale (talent show). After dinner, we joined together for Havdalah and an amazing trip to "The Four Seasons" hotel for tochnit erev (evening activity). 

We spent the night sledding in winter, racing obstacle courses in the fall, watering the flowers in spring, and playing with a parachute in the summer! 
Day Three: Days Done
Our Sunday began with breakfast and avodah (work), cleaning up our beloved camp before saying goodbye for another season.
We gathered for Hyde Park; a wonderful time to share our thoughts about machaneh (camp) and the time that we spend together. Thank you for sharing so many joyous remarks that filled us with laughter and love.
The Tavor Team, would like to thank you for sharing your time, your thoughts, your journey with us!
Looking Ahead: 2020
And we are already looking ahead to Summer 2020! Registration for the summer season will begin early September!
Look for details on our website at CampTavor.Org
and the September newsletter.
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