Thank you for feeding the hungry!!

God has provided above and beyond what we could have imagined. In June, food relief funds were sent out to 10 countries and 13 different locations.

Our faithful contributors have given food to 1,627 families with 5,900 total people in: Honduras, Nicaragua, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Benin, and South Asia.

514 people prayed to accept Jesus as Lord and 490 have agreed to have Good News Bible studies in their homes.

This week we are sending out more support to the same areas.

God be praised!!

"The hardest thing in life is being unable to provide for your children."
Julieta, a grandmother, thanks God for this offering. She said, “Yesterday my grandchildren and I went to bed without eating because there was no food. The grandchildren’s mother and father have died because of the political conflict in North Mozambique. By God’s grace I was able to save my grandchildren and flee to Achilo. This food has saved our lives. Thank you very, very much.”
South Asia
"My kids didn’t have flour for porridge and the youngest would cry since my breast had no milk and my husband had left. I really don’t even know where he is."
I am a Muslim and I couldn’t imagine a pastor, of all people, would give me provisions in these times. I was shocked and thought maybe he was tempting me. But as he handed me the food bag I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy because the truth is, we didn’t have any thing for the next day and my husband hasn’t been a round for months.
The gospel is shared with everyone that receives food. They are also offered a Good News evangelistic Bible Study in their homes.
Below is our leader in Kenya leading a Good News Bible study with a man and his wife who received food.
I don’t have any words to express my joy. Now after a month I can go home like a man providing for his family. This is amazing that I can get food freely.

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