YOU changed her life!
Thank you!

Curious about your impact on the families we serve? We are proud to share with you this success story that could only have happened with your help. You gave Claire* and her newborn daughter a fresh start . Because of your support of Family Services programs, children are growing up in stronger, healthier families.

"I felt like a scared little girl when I had my daughter."
Just last year, Claire* welcomed her beautiful daughter Mia into her life, but she was alone. She was a single mother, struggling with severe anxiety and postpartum depression.

Because of your generosity, Claire and her daughter were able to enroll in our Healthy Families program. Their family support worker helped Claire navigate motherhood and the ups and downs of the parenting journey.

When depression and anxiety made it hard to even get out of bed, Claire's family support worker made sure that they got to every single one of Mia's doctor appointments. When Claire struggled to make ends meet, Healthy Families helped her get the car seat, diapers, and baby wipes to keep Mia safe and healthy.

"My family support worker has been with me and my daughter since day one... when we had no one.  She has acted as a mentor, sounding board, friend, and someone who always believed in me as a mother. She answered parenting questions when no one else could. She gave me alternatives to discipline that worked wonders," says Claire. "Our family support worker is part of our family."

Our Early Childhood Development programs work with parents to improve their bond with their newborns and toddlers, understand their child's development, and become the first teachers their children will have. You are helping to build stronger families right here in our community.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Donor Spotlight: BMO Harris Bank
For the second year in a row, BMO Harris Bank has given an incredibly generous grant of $25,000 to our Coming Home Project and Women's Recovery Journey programs!

BMO Harris provided $10,000 to the Women’s Recovery Journey to help us to find our clients a temporary place to stay until they secured permanent housing. The women in t his program are participating in intensive therapy while recovering from drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues. Because of BMO Harris, many women have beaten their addiction, left unsafe environments, and started a new life.

Coming Home Project received $15,000 to enhance our community‐based after school and summer activities program, which promotes strengthened self‐esteem, good decision‐making, and positive peer relationships while empowering youth to lead healthy and productive lives. Youth in our program have a safe, healthy environment where they can learn new skills and work on relationships, while staying off the street and away from at‐risk behaviors.

Thank you BMO Harris Bank!
Thank you.

You have done so much to help the kids, families, and individuals in this community. Thank you for making the choice to protect, heal, and care for them!

If you want to learn more about your impact or ways you can continue to help families like Claire and her daughter, we would love to hear from you! Call or email Cara Gosse, VP of Communications & Development, directly at (920) 436-4360 x1332 or