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May 5, 2016

TopMay 5, 2016

Dear Colleague,
Thank you for attending our recent training for school district board members and stakeholders for Building Healthy Communities, South Kern districts.  We were delighted to see many of you again and to meet others for the first time.  For your reference we have attached the following presentations: CPL, CSBA, KCPHSD.

Another dinner in being planned for August 2016 to review issues and experiences around wellness policies, and also in the fall to exchange successful experiences across districts.   Please help us set a date for the August convening by taking our Doodle survey at
While we will announce the chosen date by May 30, please keep our event penciled in on your calendar for the last three weeks of August.

Jane Alvarado-Banister will be out on family leave through the end of October.  Katherine Hawksworth and I will be supporting work in your community.  Please reach out to Katherine for assistance during this period by writing to Katherine.Hawksworth@phi.org or calling (925) 708-7027.
We look forward to learning about new successes in the coming months.
With warm regards,
Lynn Silver, MD, MPH
Senior Advisor for Chronic Disease and Obesity
Public Health Institute
555 12th Street, 10th Floor
Oakland, CA  94607
(510) 285-5740



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California Project LEAN, a program of the Public Health Institute, works to advance nutrition and physical activity policy in schools and communities in order to prevent obesity and its associated chronic diseases. California Project LEAN efforts center on youth, parent and resident empowerment approaches, Policy and Environmental change Strategies (PSE), and community-based solutions that improve nutrition and physical activity environments. For more information, go to www.CaliforniaProjectLEAN.org.
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