Hi Everyone,

Summer 2023 is here, school is out and happy childhood memories are in the making!

Halton is an amazing place to live, work and play. We are fortunate in so many ways, yet we still have extremely vulnerable people in our community.

This week also marks another year-end at CAFH and while it's been challenging for the families and particularly the youth we serve, who are still trying hard to cope, there are positive activities happening. We were thrilled the recent DREAMS Online Auction raised over $41,000 and there were many community events this year that supported our cause.

Thanks to you we have been able to continue the crucial, life changing programs for children, youth and families, even throughout these uncertain times. But we need more help. The number of youth in need has grown, the economy is daunting and donations across the sector are down.

We ask that you share our need for support with your contacts and help us build a greater network of community partners in order to prepare for what the next two or three years may bring.

We are active on social media and here's the link to our website, any kind of sharing helps, THANK YOU.

On a happier note, those you have helped this year are flourishing. Plans for post-secondary school in September are made, mentors have been matched and summer camp is starting up with some very excited youngsters getting ready to join in.

We wish you the most wonderful summer and hope that you, your family and friends can at last enjoy quality time together, with limitless singing and dancing!

Happy Canada Day!


Tina Blatchford

Children's Aid Foundation of Halton


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