Thank you for being a mentor to a Job Foundation student!
Our students need your support now more than ever!
Mentors Who Stay in Touch Make
a Difference
Most of our students have been back to school for a couple of weeks. Have you checked in with your mentee to see how it's going? We encourage you to increase your communication during the pandemic. Let your mentee know that you're cheering her on, we are in this together and it's important to work hard in school. Provide a listening ear as this is a unique and stressful time for students and families.
Five easy ways to keep in touch with your mentee:
  1. Send a quick text message asking how school is going.
  2. Mail a card or note. Who doesn't love getting mail?
  3. Call your mentee or their guardian to check in.
  4. Drop off ice cream or a treat to your mentee's home--you can arrange contactless delivery.
  5. If you and your mentee's guardian are comfortable, have a socially distanced outdoor picnic with your mentee.
Having a hard time connecting with your mentee? Phone calls or texts are going unanswered? Please let us know! We can work with the families to help you stay in touch.
Fall Program Updates
Our fall financial education programming is up and running. Middle schoolers are meeting virtually every week and the high schoolers meet each month.
Our first Virtual Family Night is scheduled for September 29. We will present information to parents on how the foundation will support students this fall and some health tips from our board member, Ruth Cole, who is a nurse at UnityPoint.
Elementary students will have their first financial lesson on materialism and how to spot deceptive advertising.

Please check in with your mentee and encourage him or her to stay involved. While our lessons are mostly virtual, it is still required for our students to attend. Thank you for helping us communicate this with your mentee.
Are you looking for an additional volunteer opportunity? Join our virtual Middle School lessons each Wednesday afternoon. Contact Rosemary Guild, our Secondary Education Coordinator, for more information.
Track Your Volunteer Hours
Please remember to enter your volunteer hours in Track it Forward. We compile and use this data when we report back to donors and organizations that support us. Our programs--like Shopping Day--are dependent on volunteer hours and donor support.
If you're having trouble logging in to record your volunteer hours, please contact Dorothy Roby.
Our ongoing training standards require Mentors to participate in at least two trainings per year. This could be reading an article or participating in a training session of your choice. The purpose of ongoing training is to help you build knowledge, skills and confidence as your relationship with your mentee grows. Our team is creating online training for our mentors and volunteers. In the meantime, here are some tips for holding safe virtual sessions with your mentee.