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It's My Time!
It's My Time!

In addition to publishing an annual magazine aimed at empowering women with need, we collaborate with other non-profit and private companies to offer an array of retention workshops that provide support, practical information, inspiration, referrals and resources to assist women to achieve self-defined success in their lives, careers, families, and communities.
Our greatest goal is to empower women that have overcome challenges so they can give back to the community by sharing their journey of success and becoming economically self-sufficient.
Thank you, it was truly an honor to have you join us, on September 22nd, in empowering women to realize their full potential and sharing your resources to break the barriers of women living a life they previously may have never imagined.
Donations are always welcome. Envision Proven Success is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS and all donations are tax- deductible. 100% of the event's proceeds benefit envision Proven Success's mission to provide knowledge and resources to empower women to improve their quality of life. 

Thank you, you are an EnVision Proven Success!
EnVision Proven Success  Columbus, Ohio  - 614.344.1188