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Monday, October 23, 2017

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We are grateful to our O'Hara community for their support and commitment to make this year's  Jog- A- Thon yet another successful fundraiser for our school! The money raised from our JAT helps support the general operations of the school and helps keep tuition affordable for our families. Our goal this year was to have students bring in $63,000 in pledges. We are so excited to announce that our students brought in just over $64,000 in pledges!  We are very  appreciative  to the O'Hara community for making this a successful Jog-A-Thon Campaign.

Thank you to Nick & Ashley Horner for their dedication to the Jog-A-Thon and for chairing this event. Thank you to parents, friends and families for pledging students and for volunteering with set-up and tear down. It takes  tremendous  amount of support and time and we are so  grateful  to all of you.

Thank you to all of our business sponsors who donated money and services to cover expenses and make every dollar the students raised in pledges go directly to the school.

O'Hara students ran a combined 10,923 laps on Friday...that's over 2,700 miles!

Congratulations to our top lap runners!  Sophia Gass (7B) ran 40 laps and Conor Thompson (5A) ran 51 laps.

Congratulations to 4th grade!
They brought in over $12,000 and are the winners of the school competition; they have won an in-school celebratory party complete with a movie, Jimmy John's and a treat! Thank you to all of our students for working hard to earn those pledges! 

Here are our final numbers, by grade:

Pre-school:   $1,115
Pre-K:   $4,615.75
Kindergarten:   $4,965.80
1st Grade:   $4, 718.05
2nd Grade:   $11,267.25
3rd Grade:   $4,806.18
4th Grade:   $12,582.00
5th Grade:   $6,534.50
6th Grade:   $3,597.29
7th Grade:   $3,781.50
8th Grade:   $6,126.00

THANK YOU to everyone who pledged our students! Invoices for per lap and to-be-billed pledges will be sent out next week. If you have any questions about your pledge, please contact Barb Whitford

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent JAT pictures! View a  slideshow of pics here ; we will add more photos as they come in. Send pics to: pictures@oharaschool.org

"Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

-Isaiah 60:1