Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020
2020 Clergy Discretionary Fund gifts
The following parishioners gave to our clergy's discretionary funds during this difficult time of pandemic. These gifts allow our clergy to help those in need.

Suzanne Anderson
Florence Andrews
Bob and Allison Askins
Sterling and Martha Beckman
Judy Carter
The Rev. C. Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Darby
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dougall
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fortuna
Carolyn Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Isgett
Barbara Kelly
Emmett Kirwan
Jennifer Mallory
Alice McCrory
Nick and Amy Montanez
Dorothy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Simms Oliphant
Kay Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. William Stork
Nancy Washington
2020 St. Martin's Foundation gifts
Martin window
The following gifts were given to the St. Martin's Foundation:

In memory of:
Annie James by Lenora Price

In honor of:
Nancy Truluck's birthday by Wallace and Olive Bruce
2020 Building on the Legacy gifts
The following gifts were give to the "Building on the Legacy" Capital Campaign:

Given in memory of:
Jean Abrams
Irving Alvey
Mary Butler
Alice Early Crook
Bobby DesPortes
Peggy Foster
Joseph Hopke
Dean Hutter
Peggy Shaw

Given by:*  
Mae Adams
Susan Ballington
Martha and Sterling Beckman
Flynn and Anne Bowie
Alice Brooker
Warren and Gayle Darby
Sharon and John Derman
Lucile Wehyman Dinge
Ellen Dozier
Stuart and Patty Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. S. Taylor Garnett
Ms. Elizabeth Noyes
Linda Hughes
Deborah Hughes
Jane Jannack
Constance King
Chuck and Trisha Meehan
Muldrow and Helen Mills, Jr.
Debra Pletcher
Jeanette Reynolds
Mary Riley
Judy Shillinglaw
Bill and Joann Stevenson
Peggy Thompson
Chris and David Traylor
John Walker
Mr. and Mrs. G H Watson
*Donors listed alphabetically

Pat and Patty D'Anna by Kathy Aaron
SMIF Staff by Louise Barker
Chad Poteat by Kay Pearce
About these funds
Clergy Discretionary Fund gifts are monetary gifts given to the clergy specifically for their discretionary fund to use as they deem appropriate for individual needs within the parish and community. Should you desire to make a gift of this type, please make your check to St. Martin's and mark in the memo line Clergy Discretionary Fund for either Mitch, Susan or Caitlyn.

The St. Martin's Foundation is a perpetual trust seeking to reflect Christ's love through securing resources and directing them to undertake God's work. Several funds are part of the Foundation. Click HERE for more information. Contact the Parish Office for information about how to make a gift of this type.

The St. Martin's "Building on the Legacy" Capital Campaign Fund is comprised of honorariums and memorial gifts as well as pledges made to the Capital Campaign begun in the fall of 2019. Contact the Parish Office for information about how to make a gift of this type.
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