Thank you to everyone who took action, clicked the donate button, sent a check, or set up a personal fund-raising campaign to support the work, the cause, and the community.
When I had a heart attack at the age of 39, I realized that everyday and every year is a gift; not a given. With early diagnosis and appropriate care, we can stop inherited coronary heart disease before it starts. 
Thank you for being a vital part of the solution. Thank you to the Davis family for their incredible generosity and their deep commitment as scientists, parents, and grandparents to win the fight against familial hypercholesterolemia.

Tomorrow is FH Awareness Day - a campaign the FH Foundation started in 2012 that has taken hold internationally. In honor of the 30 million people around the world who live with FH, please: 

*   Join the Tweet-a-thon on FH Awareness Day, September 24th 
    (tomorrow!), by tweeting about FH with #KnowFH at  4pm PST / 7pm EST.

*   Make a donation to the FH Foundation today that will be matched 
    by the Davis Family.


Katherine Wilemon
Founder the FH Foundation
In recognition of FH Awareness Day, the Davis family will generously match every contribution - dollar-for-dollar - until September 24th. 
$24  $48

Mark your calendars for  September 24th and help us spread the word by sending out the save the date to your network and community!  

Tweet, post, and share:
"Mark your calendars - FH Awareness Day is  Sept. 24 !"

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