Thank You!


I am most grateful for having the opportunity to serve the citizens of Hunter Mill District for three terms and I thank the voters this year for allowing me to continue for four more years. Thank you for being so committed and generous. The support fortifies me to work hard and to continue to build upon our many accomplishments.

Please join the Hunter Mill District Committee at a Thank You Party on Sunday, November 13th, 5:00-7:00PM, Reston Community Center, 1609A Washington Plaza, (at the intersection of Village and North Shore Drive). While I will not be in attendance due to a standing commitment at the Annual Meeting of the Virginia Association of Counties, I do hope you will enjoy a well deserved time to celebrate the achievements of this election for our District.


On Tuesday, November 8, Hunter Mill carried overwhelmingly for Democrats. I am pleased to share the victory with Delegates Plum and Keam, Senators Howell, Peterson, Herring and Favola and new School Board Member Pat Hynes, our at-large school board members and the constitutional officers.


Thank you for your commitment to Fairfax County Public Schools by the 70% approval of the School Bond.


Remember to stay in touch with what is happening in Hunter Mill, the Board and around the county by subscribing to district updates at

With appreciation,
Catherine M Hudgins


Hudgins for Supervisor
P O Box 2321
Reston, Virginia 20195