Thanks for your time with Theia at ISCW 2016!
Calculate then Evaluate

Theia has a great tool to help you select the best lens for your application. Use our image resolution simulator and lens calculator to input your parameters, then shows what your image will look like with the chosen hardware. 
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Download the iPhone or Droid version now.  Also in English, Portuguese and Russian on our website. 
If you still have doubts about how it will work, email us at or phone us at +1 503 570 3296 for a consultation and if needed an evaluation sample! 
Where to Purchase
Find a list of our excellent distributors worldwide at
Image taken with Theia's new SL410 4K lens

Theia Lens Information 

If you visited our booth but didn't pick up any literature, you can find information about our lenses at these links...

4K Lens Family

Find information about our new

4K Lens Family here.

TY180IR 12Mpx Fisheye Lens

And about our new TY180IR 12Mpx IR corrected Fisheye Lens here.

lens jumble  

Learn about Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology┬« here, or our megapixel lens portfolio here Lens Catalog For pricing, or more information email 


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