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Thank you for your time at Vision 2018!
Thank you for participating in our survey - we appreciate your input and insight!
If you received a FREE MY125M SAMPLE, our widest   lens with patented
you will find information about it at the links above.

See the lens in action on NASA's Global Hawk Drone here!
NASA Global Hawk Drone

Please send any feedback, questions, video or images from the sample to us at

We introduced our newest innovation at Vision 2018 - our ML610M 2/3" 4K lens!
Find specs, drawing and CAD file at the link above.
 Find video using its sister lens, our ML410M in Munich traffic here!
4k Day/Night Varifocal

Find information on all our other great lenses here.
lens jumble
Theia also featured our  motorized & telephoto lenses  for Intelligent Traffic Systems

Find specs, drawings and CAD files for the motorized lenses at the following links: TL1250, TL936 and TL410.  
To see video, click the image:
SL940 5MP AT 150 FT.
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