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2019 in Review
This year we grew the Coalition to include

  • 9 Steering Committee Members,
  • 19 Businesses,
  • 23 Mayors, and
  • 41 Organizations

representing over 1 Million South Carolina Residents who agree on 1 thing:

SCDOT needs to pass a Statewide Multimodal Policy.

We're working hard to make this a reality in 2020 but we need your help. Consider a donation to the Palmetto Cycling Coalition to help support our ongoing campaign to make this Policy a reality.
SCLCA Speaks at SCDOT...
We took the conversation to the Department of Transportation again and again this year. Eight partners from around the state commented at DOT Commission meetings about the need to accommodate everyone when we plan, build, and repair our transportation network. We also met with the recently established SCDOT Multimodal Advisory committee to collaboratively develop strategies to improve safety & accessibility
...and They're Listening!
You likely saw the announcement of a new Bike-Ped Safety Action Plan . We are eager to continue working with Secretary Hall and SCDOT as they formulate this plan in 2020. We look forward to ensuring the plan is robust, actionable, and binding so we see positive changes to our transportation network.
Thank You
Thank you so much for signing the petition, filling out a postcard, writing a letter to your commissioner, writing a Letter to the Editor, sharing content on social media, and testifying at Commission meetings. Your efforts have made a huge difference in the policy campaign.
But we're not done yet! We need your help to cross the finish line in 2020. You can help us get there by donating to the Palmetto Cycling Coalition today. Your tax-deductible donation will make it possible to continue our campaign and finish strong.

The SC Livable Communities Alliance is a coalition-based, multimodal streets policy campaign led by the Palmetto Cycling Coalition

View everyone signed on so far by clicking here . You can sign the policy letter of support as an elected official, business owner, or organization leader by clicking here !
Learn more about the Palmetto Cycling Coalition's (PCC) other work
by visiting our website  here . The PCC facilitates the larger coalition that is the SC Livable Communities Alliance, as we advance the state Multimodal, or Complete Streets, policy.