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2021 Election

Hello Alice,

First and foremost, this fall's campaign was creative and engaging. Some races were successes and a few were not, regretfully. I know I am going to miss thanking someone- so forgive me now.

Thanks to all those who drove the van, walked door-to-door, made phone calls, updated the website, wrote letters to the editor, took photographs, posted on social media, donated to the campaign AND engaged with the voting Bethel public in any way!

Dave Olson, the Campaign Chair, praised Rebecca Hussey for her website and literature work. She made a real difference in how we present ourselves. Thanks go to James Naddeo, as well, for all of the social media posts, and all the engagements.

A special shout-out to Karen Foster who orchestrated our phone bank evenings, and so much more. As Dave said when he heard the results of the recount, "That’s very disappointing, especially for Karen (who lost by 5 votes in a recount). We won nearly every race D vs R. The R’s only won with the cross-endorsed I (Independent) vote."

From Matt Knickerbocker - to all the Democrats: "I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for everything you put into this year's campaign.I greatly appreciate everything all of you did to support our entire team. I discovered rather late in my career that there is absolutely nothing like the honor of public service, and I know many, if not all of you feel the same way, too. The voters have returned many of you to your posts so you can continue the great work you've done. Some of you will have that experience for the first time. And a few will not return this time, unfortunately. That's no fun, of course. But this is not the end! It's just a little well deserved time off before your next run!! I applaud you for your courage in stepping into the ring."

I could not agree more. All politics is local and Democrats have stepped up. We have steadfastly battled misinformation and rumor. We may have different interests and beliefs, but we all care about the welfare of Bethel and its citizens. We need to support those facing the minority on boards and commissions and cheer for those in the majority.

Here's looking to new opportunities,

Alice Hutchinson, newsletters

Nick Vitti, Chairman

Dave Olsen, Campaign Chairman

Matt Knickerbocker, First Selectman

SOTS voting results for Bethel