$8,705 Donated to Increase Community Engagement!
Thank You So Much for Giving to the Max!

Give to the Max Day was a great kick-off for PAI's "Out and About" year-end campaign. During this 24-hour giving event, donors like you gave a total of $8,705 to increase community engagement. That's 35% more than last year's Give to the Max Day total and nearly a third of our year-end campaign goal!

Thank you for your generous gift!
Shelly and Erin enjoy the outdoors at Axdahl's Farm
Brian and Dawn get ready to go shopping
Give to the Max Day Kick-Starts PAI's Year-End "Out and About" Campaign!
Give to the Max Day kick-starts PAI's year-end "Out and About" Campaign. Engaging in the community is an important part of a fulfilling life. We all desire a sense of belonging, of being part of the community in which we live. PAI provides daily community outings including trips to popular stores, volunteering at community nonprofits, visiting favorite restaurants, and more. Outings provide an opportunity to practice life skills, interact with other people, contribute to the community and just have fun!

  • “It makes me happy to go out into the community. It makes me happy to see people,” shares Sandy N. via her Communication Book.
  • “Pushing the ball makes me laugh,” says Patty K. when talking about going bowling at Pinz.

Currently community outings are limited due to the lack of facilities in the community that can accommodate individuals needing specialized personal care support such as the changing of protective undergarments or the administration of medication or nutrients via a gastronomy tube. Mobile “Care Vans” would enable community outings to be increasingly tailored to the interests and wishes of program participants rather the limitations of most community buildings to accommodate personal care needs in a dignified, private manner.

In addition, outings are often cut short due to the need for contracted transportation to fulfill other responsibilities at other sites and for other organizations. Leasing an accessible van for each of the four PAI sites will allow for much greater flexibility with community outings, community-based employment, and other daily enrichment activities.

Funds raised from this campaign will help PAI achieve two goals:

  1. Purchase two “retired” lift-equipped vehicles and outfit them with needed equipment to serve as mobile Care Vans. Passenger seats will be removed from each van to make room for a comfortable, padded changing table and an electric Hoyer lift to safely transfer individuals from wheelchairs to the table. Mobile Care Vans would also provide ample space for private medication and nutrition needs.
  2. “Lease” four accessible vehicles (one for each PAI site) to provide more flexible transportation into the community.

Our overriding “Out and About” campaign goal is to raise $27,240 by December 31, 2018 – half of the $54,480 needed to achieve these goals.
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