We are grateful for our committee members.
If you see one of the individuals listed below, please thank them for their service to the Vail Board of Realtors┬« and its membership. 

Our committees are made up of members who graciously volunteer their time to help strengthen our association's events, services, member offerings, and strategic plan initiatives.
Chair: Corey Lamothe
Jared Saul
Andrew Cryer
Laurie Slaughter
Jack Affleck
Hagen Kuhl
Sarah Dorman
Julie Retzlaff 

Chair: Laura Sellards
Mike Budd
Dan Fitchett
Kevin Kuebert
Crissy Rumford
Betsy Laughlin
Joel Barndt

Government Affairs
Chair: Mike Budd
Bev Trout
Paula Fisher
Larry Agneberg
Matt Dannals
Sarah Parish
Tiffany McCracken 
Chair: Scott Marino
Tex Asanti
Trevor Theelke
Cara Connelly
Allison Decent
Brad Cohn
Jeannie Hauff 

Public Relations
Chair: Chad Cremonese
Kira Taylor
Heidi Bintz
Michelle Rampelt
Nate Hall
Breanna Barry
Raissa Wohlgemuth
Bobby Hermosillo

VBRF Golf Tournament
Chair: Kevin Denton
Trevor Theelke
Kira Taylor
Cynthia Thrall
Victoria Frank
Bobby Leeds
Sara Hoodicoff

VBRF Fundraising Committee
Chair: Cynthia Thrall
Ruth Stanley
Ashley Schleper
Kristi Cavanagh
Dawn Mullin
Julie Thurston
Lynn Krnacik
VMLS Operations
Chair: Alex Griffin
Susie Huxford
Valerie Valene
Jay Peterson
Ellyn Courtois
Kevin Kuebert
Kyle Stoveken

Affiliate Committee
Chair: Kira Taylor
Tex Asanti
Audrey Powell
John Goss
´╗┐Chad Roberts
Katie Kuchler
Dawn Mullin 

VBRF Scholarship Committee
Chair: Dawn Mullin
Betsy Edwards
Cynthia Thrall
Julie Retzlaff
Bev Trout
Corey Lamothe 

Are you interested being on a committee?