November 6, 2017
President's Message -   Elaine Wiant

Hello LWV-TX Advocate,

As we approach Thanksgiving this year, we have much to be thankful for. Let’s all take time this Thanksgiving season to step back from the chaos and be grateful for the progress we’ve made and the successes we’ve enjoyed. 

I find myself giving thanks for all of you.

Specifically, I give thanks for:

  • A fabulous state board that has worked together to make a difference in Texas,
  • The Advocacy team for making it possible for so many to easily contact our state elected officials,
  • Issue Chairs who provided testimony during both the regular and special sessions,
  • Capitol Corps volunteers who went to the Capitol to deliver testimony,
  • The Education Committee for providing wonderful tools to local Leagues for Get Out the Vote,
  • Our members and supporters who contacted our elected officials and spread the word to others,
  • The Voter Service team for a great Voters Guide for the Constitutional Amendment election,
  • The interns for creating superb videos about each of the Constitutional Amendments and helping us with our social media presence,
  • The Services to Local Leagues Committee for facilitating five regional training events this summer and mentoring new League groups,
  • The Communications team for stepping up our social media presence,
  • The state office staff for facilitating everything we do,
  • Every local League for registering and educating so many Texas voters,
  • Every League member for everything that you do – and for the fact that our membership is growing,
  • All of our generous donors for making our work possible,
  • Each and every one of you for your efforts to Make Democracy Work®!

Thank you for your dedication!

We are Making Democracy Work® in Texas!  
P.S. Tomorrow is election day – don’t forget to vote if you haven’t already done so.
Click on the images above to see the Constitutional Amendment Voters Guides!