Art therapy helps
Cammy heal!
Camille Draheim, or Cammy as she prefers to be called, has been in
therapy since she was a teen. There have been many dark days for her. For a long time, she couldn’t find her way, until an art therapist showed her that art is healing. Art motivated Cammy to get better. 
Since that discovery, Cammy has entered contests and won many awards for her art. 
“I paint with lots of colors because it reminds me that not everything is black and white.” Cammy makes time for art because she has progressed so much. She understands how art benefits her, and it is an important tool in
her journey along a healing path.  
Watch her inspiring story here!
MCFI is one of the largest behavioral health service providers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our services include evidence-based treatment and trauma-informed care. Our expertise to deliver exceptional behavioral health services is known both locally and nationally.
Since 2020, many organizations faced the difficulty of providing services and meeting the needs of the community in new ways. 
It’s been a challenge that MCFI has faced as well! Covid 19 and growing community challenges require us to evolve, find new ways to deliver services, and fill gaps that exist in the community. MCFI is proud of our ability to
respond to new and emerging community needs and have invested in our staff with trauma-informed care training and the science of Hope. 
However, there continues to be a gap in funding not only for behavioral health care, but also for many programs that MCFI provides to the community. Please support us today with a gift to the MCFI Foundation.
Thank you to the Melitta S. and Joan M. Pick Charitable Trust
We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Melitta S. and Joan M. Pick Charitable Trust for its continued support of CFI and our Food Service program. CFI received a very generous $500,000 gift to support an additional commercial kitchen. 
This production kitchen is needed to meet the increased demand by about 100 area K-12 schools and early learning centers for fresh, healthy meals. The donation provided by the Melitta S. and Joan M. Pick Charitable Trust will help us accommodate this growth in demand and supports CFI’s vision of healthy and hopeful communities. 
We can’t thank you enough!  
Jammin' at CFI
The Jammin' 98.3 morning show with Andrea Williams aired from CFI's Knowledge Exchange and interviewed Heidi Chada, our Vice President of Employment Services, and John Chianelli, our Vice President or Behavioral Health Services. Listen to Heidi's presentation here. Listen to John's here.
Thanksgiving is a time for thanks and giving!
CFI thanks its partners who again this year are stepping forward to help families in need of a Thanksgiving Day meal.
  • Aurora Family Service donated 40 vouchers for Thanksgiving meals for CFI clients.
  • The Milwaukee Sheriff's Deputy Association again donated meals for families on our Birth to Three program. Birth to Three staff with Sheriff Earnell Lucas, pictured above, from left, distributed the meals: Tammy Sieglaff, Ali Lueck -- with son, Hudson in stroller, Sheriff Lucas, Isamar Ornelas, Rebecca Folkman, and Jaci Blaszak.
Thank you for your generosity, especially at this time of need.
Thank you to all our donors!
We give thanks this season for all of our donors. Most recently, we received the following gifts for general operation costs:
  • $2,327 from the Samuel K. and Doris Hersh Chortek Fund
  • $2,000 from the Kolaga Family Charitable Trust
  • $1,445 from the Keith and Dee Miller Fund
  • $500 from F. Thomas Ament Fund
Thank you all!