Thank you to our Scouters
Dear Scouters of Shining Waters Council,

Happy Founder's Day! Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Worldwide Scouting Movement and Chief Scout of the World, was born on February 22, 1857. His birthday is celebrated as Founder's Day by Scouts across the World. We hope you had an eventful day today too.​

Since the founding of the Scouting Movement in 1907, some 500 million people have been Scouts worldwide, including prominent people in every field. Today, Scouts is the World's largest youth educational youth movement. All this would not have been possible without dedicated volunteers like you - the main life force sustaining the Scouting Movement for our youths. Thank you!​

This year, Shining Waters Council would like to recognize our Area Scouters in particular. Almost all our Area Scouters are also Front-line Group/Section Scouters. They stepped up to take on additional Area roles to help support other Groups. They made many great things possible - Area Events, Training Events, Scouter Onboarding Support, Recognition, Group Support, Popcorn, Safety, and much more. Our Area Scouters fostered a sense of community and comraderies between local groups. Often, they serve quietly in the background and for many years. For this reason, Shining Waters Council would like to shine our spotlight on the following 473 Scouters who served in an Area or Council capacity during the Area Support Model Era between 2002 and 2019.​

Putting this list together was a challenge, especially with records pre-dating myScouts in 2011. Our special thanks to the many Scouters who contributed to this list. ​Despite our best efforts, we may have inadvertently left out certain Area Scouters - please do advise us, and we will update the list.

Looking forward to the new Group Support Model as announced in July , we already see some early positive results. With everyone's hard work from Section to Council, including many mentioned in the Honour Roll, we are projecting a 2-3% membership growth and record-breaking membership retention this year. In the coming months, we will be announcing various  exciting initiatives - stay tuned! Thank you for your partnership in making the Scouting movement successful within our Council. ​


Jason, Nikki, and Kit​
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