Greetings! If you were at the Midtown Friday celebration on August 27, you probably saw a table that was staffed by some of our amazing Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries volunteer committee and board members. They were there to share the progress we were making in Realizing the Promise capital campaign we announced here last month (to supplement Measure S funds approved by voters in 2016). 

You may see us at more events over the next few months we we continue to shout from the rooftops about the renovations now underway in Aptos, Branciforte, and Garfield Park. If you do see, us please stop by for a visit! 

We’d love to hear your stories about what libraries have meant to you in your life. 

Our Board President, Janis O’Driscoll, formerly the interim Director of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, loves to tell people about how, as a child, she lived in a town where children were not welcome in the town library, and how this led her to a lifelong vocation as a children’s librarian! 

I grew up overseas, in a region that didn’t have libraries at that time. When I returned to the states at the age of eight, it was a revelation to find out there were places where I could read all the books I wanted, for free. That experience helped turn me into a lifelong reader and lover of books. Scroll down to hear Congressional Aide Emmanuel Garcia tell his library story... What's your library story?

You may have noticed that we have added a campaign "thermometer" to our website, so you can see the progress we are making on our campaign -- now at 45% of our goal! Many thanks to our amazing board Treasurer and website wizard Keith Gudger, for doing that work for us. We are excited by our progress, there is still a long way to go.

I hope you will join my wife and me in supporting the campaign and making a generous donation to help ensure that all of Santa Cruz County gets the kind of open and welcoming libraries that all of our community deserves. Our libraries need us now.

Thanks again to all who have donated, and thanks in advance to those of you who will soon! And oh yes, children are welcome in ALL of our libraries!

Bruce Cotter
Executive Director

Thanks to our 2021 Capital Campaign Donors!
Visionaries $100,000 and above

In Memory of Norman and Blossom Dorosin

Guardians $50,000 - $99,999

Patrick and Martha Dexter in Honor of Carolyn Miller
Bob Fifield 
Jim and Christina Martin 

Builders $20,000 - $49,999

Debby Peronto in Memory of Joanne Peronto who loved libraries and gardens
Allen and Shirley Ginzburg in Memory of Louis Sapiro

Foundation $10,000 - $19,999

Birdie Hunter and Donna Meyers 
Eileen Miller 
Robin & Doug Engfer Charitable Fund
Helen and Will Webster Foundation

Groundbreaker $5,000 - $9,999

Rachel Dann and Simon Black in Memory of Allison Endert
Gale Farthing and Jim Bourne in Memory of Merritt Taylor and Emily Galli
Friends of the Aptos Public Library
Martín and Virtudes Gómez in Memory of Eleanor Torres Gomez Valdespino
Cindy Jackson 
Janis O`Driscoll 
Andy Schiffrin in Memory of Allison Endert

Construction Crew $1,000 - $4,999

Sarah Clark 
Bruce and Diane Cotter in Memory of Colin Cotter
Arley T. Dann in Memory of Allison Endert
Edna Elkins   
John and Robin Fuchs 
Connie Hendry 
Michael and Linda Hopper 
Bob and Marty Martin
Virginia Morris 
Linda and Dave Murphy
Lynn McNussen in Memory of Brian McNussen
The Pellerin Family Fund
Jodi Graber Pratt in Memory of Wil and Jeanne Graber
Deb Tracy-Proulx and Tim Proulx 
Community Support
Nancy Abrams
Laura Albrecht 
Donna Baldini
Sharon Barrett 
Christi J Berger in Memory of Anita Berger
Kaye Beth 
Morgan Bostic in Memory of Allison Endert
Emma Jean & Barry Bowman 
Steven Brodsky 
Christine Bunting and Richard Wohlfeiler 
Rob and Colleen Butterfield 
Mary Lois and Lynn Comeskey
Barbara Coy-Bulicz 
Shan Crockett 
Pete Cullen 
Rebecca Davis and Jacques Ferare
Joe and Carolyn Dickinson
Distinct Property Management
Max and Suzanne Duckler 
Eve Eden
Victoria Erickson 
Erik's Delicafe
Matt Farrell
Ofelia Garcia 
Sally Gaynor
Nancy Gere
David Grobe and Karin Heintz
Lorene Hall and Ralph Carmichael 
Joe Hall in Honor of Marcella Hall
Amy and David Harrington 
Karen Hellgren-Allen 
Marla Henry 
Robin and Larry Holland 
Shirley and Marty Jackson
Gertie Johnson 
Dennis and Marilyn Kanemura 
Karon Properties 
Helen and Gary Klee 
David and Sharon Kluger 
John Laird 
Karen Lambert and Clay Madden 
Steve Leonard 
Sheilah and John Lynch 

Nancy Merritt
Joan Gilbert Martin 
John and Dorene Masterman 
Eileen Miller 
Kate Minnott
Stephen Houlihan and Marlene Mirassou 
Bruce Mitchell 
Don and Carol Monkerud 
Ken Moonie 
Jim and Michele Mosher Donna Mosich and Ben Elizer 
Gail Mowatt 
Beverly and Craig Norleen
The Patten/Astone Family Trust 
Christine Pavan 
Robin and Rick Polse
Diane Prucher 
Ellen Reay 
Alan W Ritch 
Robinson Family Trust
Phyllis Rosenblum 
Dorothy Ruby 
John and Enid Rusev 
Rebekah Scott 
Dorian Seamster 
Martha Seaver and Scott Walecka 
Gary Silberstein and Joan DeNeffe in Honor of Nora Brink
Lorraine Sintetos and Ted Silveira 
Lee Slaff in Honor of Robert B. Suhr 
David South
Chelsey and Adam Souza 
Lysa Tabachnick
Donna and Peter Thomas 
Denise Ward
Tom and Connie Wilson
Victoria T. and Richard J. Wilson Giving Fund 
Marc Winquist 
P.J. Wright 
Kathy Zappa 
Ann and Dave Zweig 
Brian and Carol Zwetzig 
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Congressional Aide Emmanuel Garcia on on the impact libraries have had in his life
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