Thank you to our current President
Karen Clydesdale
On behalf of our North West District, I'd like to thank our current District President, Karen Clydesdale for her dedication and service to our District over the past two years. To be a leader you must possess certain characteristics in order to lead fairly and justly. Although Karen has many great qualities and characteristics of a strong leader, I want to point out a few that really stood out to me. One of the single most important aspects of a good leader is dependability. As a District I think we all felt extremely comfortable and safe in knowing that we can depend on Karen. And there is no doubt that if Karen commits to something you can bet your last dollar that she will be there on time, prepared, and dressed perfectly for the occasion sometimes with a matching pen and folder. She represented our District with style, grace and elegance but yet not afraid to get her hands dirty in projects or splashed in the face with lake water during our District’s dragon boat race event.

Another essential quality of a good leader is perseverance. With her determination and perseverance, we knew that Karen would keep focused and get us through the difficult and stressful times. Karen has made an immense contribution to our District over the last 2 years and has been central to all we have achieved. As a leader to all of us she has helped take us through a period of growth, change, celebrations, snow and now this COVID-19 threat. But one of the greatest lessons she has shown us is that  she sincerely cared  for all of our clubs in the District. There was not a meeting that went by that she didn’t offer her assistance to all of us and encouraged invitations to visit each of your clubs. The dedication she showed this District, her willingness and eagerness to assist us in every way are things that will be remembered. Karen was committed to her task, sincere to the core and always remained calm under pressure, which are the best characteristics of a great leader.

With all of our hearts and with the blessings of our entire district – we 'd like to thank Karen Clydesdale for her service. The members of this District donated to purchase a departing gift to show our sincerest appreciation for her service, I would like to hold off and present this gift to Karen at our State Convention if time permits or at the Fall District Board meeting. I want our members to see her receive these gifts in person. I'm disappointed that COVID-19 interrupted our Spring meeting to celebrate and thank her for her dedication personally, but please know that we are truly grateful. We hope to see all of you in June and present Karen with our gift.

Sincerely yours,
Cimi Douglass, North West District
A Sneak Peek of North West District Board and Theme
First, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to begin this new adventure with all of you! I've included in the below video, an introduction of my new board for 2020-2022 and also introducing my symbol, theme and district project. I appreciate all of the well wishes and offers to assist me during my two year term. I still have a few positions to fill, please let me know if you would be interested in serving at the District level by taking this one question survey below - please click the link below the video.

Thank you!
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