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September 2021 Newsletter

Getting into the swing of things:

Getting back into the swing of things isn't always easy. But with the seasons' transitions comes an urge to transition ourselves. Our students are settling into their classrooms and school families, becoming at ease with one another and being away from home. The lessons have commenced and we are knee deep in the 2021-2022 school year.

Congratulations to our Retirees!

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Our staff means everything to our program, and it's always hard to watch the good ones go. This month we were finally able to celebrate four retirees who took a much deserved retirement during the pandemic.

Mary Arredondo, Sandy Brazitis, Linda Cordova and Mary Hereford served a combined 125 years at the Wild Plum Center. They served as a Teacher Assistant, Preschool Teacher, Education Coordinator and Program Specialist.

We are thrilled for the new opportunities they will have (like getting to wear pajamas all day, even when it's not pajama day), and are incredibly grateful for the impact they have made in the lives of our staff, students and families.

What a treasure it has been to work alongside each of you. Thank you for your commitment to serving others!

Health and Dental Screenings:

Health is the foundation to learning. If a student is malnourished, has poor vision or simply a pain in their tooth, it's hard to focus. Even if we aren't sure why.

At Wild Plum Center we prioritize our students' health. Our Health Director and Coordinator are in the midst of completing Health and Vision Screenings for each of our students in our program. These screenings give insight into each student's needs and help us provide individualized services and recommendations to their families.

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Service Spotlight:

It has certainly been a month of giving! We are so grateful for our community partners and everything they have accomplished during our Build Days.

To start the month, Xilinx, once again showed up to tackle our to-do list. One of their team members was even helping out on his last day of his week long vacation. They moved over 2 tons of rock and 14 yards of mulch to revamp Longs Peak Center. A huge thank you to Xilinx for their steadfast support and commitment to our program.

And what is September without participating in Mile High United Way's Day of Caring. The 27th Annual Day of Caring took place on September 10th and we were so fortunate to have the help of Twin Peaks Rotary Longmont, Corden Pharma, and the Southwest Research Institute. With their help, we were able to complete Phase 1 of our Outdoor Learning Center at our Site located at the Heart Of Longmont Church.

If you are interested in being part of our next build day, please contact catherineh@wildplumcenter.org.


As the change of seasons is happening we are looking at snow and colder days. Our kiddos love to play outdoors, but need to be bundled up! This year we have a greater need for coats, mittens and boots for our classrooms. If you would like to donate click the button below!

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