April 2019 Newsletter
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Connecting older adults and caregivers to services that support healthy aging and independence
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Age Well Accepting Applications for New Board Members

Thank you volunteers!

Karina Participates in Meeting of the Minds

Stress Awareness Month

Memory Cafe Enjoys Arts & Crafts

Recipe of the Month

Upcoming Workshops

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Mary Bovee, Executive Director

Kim Hileman, Program Director

Karina Krosbakken, Care Consultant

Shelbi Benson, Volunteer Coordinator

Peter Hafften, Training Coordinator

Lisa Jordan, Grocery Coordinator

Kevin Pillsbury, President

Joe Sandbulte, Secretary

Jennifer Smith, Treasurer

Ric Schaefer, Board Member

Age Well Arrowhead is Accepting Applications for our Board of Directors for 2019
Age Well is looking to grow our board and is seeking talented and skilled individuals in the community to serve as directors. It is a very exciting time to participate in the planning and development of our organization as we are experiencing growth and expansion due to the need for services in our community. If you or someone you know is skilled at positioning organizations for success and sustainability, we highly encourage applying for a position. 

For a Board of Directors job description or application form, please contact Mary Bovee, Executive Director at 218-623-7806, or maryb@agewellarrowhead, or go to our website at www.agewellarrowhead.org. 

Join Age Well Arrowhead As We Celebrate National Volunteer Month!

By: Shelbi Benson, Volunteer Coordinator
Being the Volunteer Coordinator at Age Well, you may think I am a little biased, but believe me when I tell you that our volunteers are the greatest people!

This month, we celebrate the volunteers that keep Age Well Arrowhead running on a daily basis. The impact they make is inspiring. Each volunteer is transforming the aging community by allowing clients to overcome daily challenges such as grocery shopping, transportation, and chores that many of us take for granted. These volunteers give their time and talents to keep aging adults independent in a place they feel comfortable.

In 2018, volunteers committed to over 4,800 hours of service. These hours were spent shoveling snow, mowing lawns, painting decks, preparing meals, shopping, going to the doctor, laughing, playing games, and making new friends to only name a few.

Already in 2019, volunteers contributed over 1,500 hours to help clients keep food on the table, sidewalks clear, and get to cancer treatments.

Volunteering at Age Well Arrowhead is flexible and comes in may forms. Whether it is done online (remote grocery order taking), in the home (homemaker and companionship), or in the form of a donation, all is needed to keep Age Well running. We celebrate each of those forms and thank you all for contributing to Age Well Arrowhead.
Here is what the clients say about our services:
  • With winter weather, you are a big help!- Jerry
  • This allows my husband to get to his doctor appointments.- Kathy
  • I am extra anxious about falling. Thank you for checking on me.- Joan
  • I have a lung and heart condition. You helped me get groceries!- Steve
  • I do not have to worry about getting groceries anymore.- Mary
  • Having a ride to a medical appointment keeps my stress down.- Keith
  • Everyone is so helpful when I have questions. - Mary Ann
  • Shopping for groceries is so painful. I waited until kids from out of town came in. I love this service! I can get fresh, healthy food now.- Sue
  • My neighbor helped me but now has health conditions of his own. Your service has been a lifesaver! - Joelyn
  • I can leave the house!- Terry


If you are interested in joining the Age Well team, contact Shelbi Benson at shelbig@agewellarrowhead.org or call 218-623-7804 for more information.
Thank you to all our generous donors in March. We appreciate your support of Age Well Arrowhead and those we serve.
Mary Bovee
Daisy Dimitri
Judy Grannes
Laurie Miller
Delores Pananen

Amazon Smile

Current needs at Age Well Arrowhead:


Weekly Driver
1 day/week

Groceries to Go Order Takers
Tuesday mornings as available

Remote Groceries to Go Order Taker
Tuesday morning as available

Groceries to Go Shoppers
Kenwood- Wednesday Morning
Cloquet- Wednesday Afternoon
West Duluth- Thursday Morning
Superior- Thursday Afternoon

Subs Needed
Join us in welcoming our new volunteers!

Lynn B.
Trilby B.
Cheryl C.
Rachel C.
Mandy H.
Angela L.
Bettina L.
Christina M.
Tim M.
Nikki N.
Ava P.
Thomas P.
Abbe P.
Allison R.
Peter R.
Aloka S.
Fran S.
Darryl T.
Udac Team
Sean Z.
Superior Vocations

Age Well would like to thank the following volunteers for their years of dedication.
Happy Anniversary!

Molly C.
Holly D.
Aurora F.
Luann J.
Age Well Arrowhead would like to recognize the following volunteers as they reach high milestones for the number of hours they have volunteered since 2017.
Thank you for your contribution!

50 or more hours
Robin B.
Holly D.
Jenna G.
Jeff L.

100 or more hours
Tia J.
Carol J.

150 or more hours
Laura H.
Amanda A.
Claire B.
Maggie B.
Lynn B.
Peter B.
Michelle F.
Bill G.
Mary H.
Tia J.
Nick K.
Nikki N.
Ava P.
Colleen R.
Kathy T.
Morgan T.
Dani W.
It's National Egg Salad Week

8 large eggs

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup dill minced

2 tbsp chives minced

2 tbsp dijon mustard

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

Add the eggs to a saucepan and fill with cold water. Bring water to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Cover and let the eggs stand for 10-12 minutes. Take the eggs out of the water and let cool. 

Peel and chop the eggs and add them to a medium sized bowl. Add mayonnaise, dill, chives, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Mix well. Spread on bread or use with your favorite crackers.  
A few topics we are working on for the next newsletter...
National Pet Month

Older Americans Month

Mental Health Awareness Month
Karina Participates in Panel at Meeting of the Minds
Age Well's Care Consultant, Karina Krosbaaken, served a panelist for the Alzheimer's Association and Mayo Clinic's "Meeting of the Minds Dementia Conference".

The conference was held in St. Paul on March 2nd. The mission of the conference is to provide education, information, and support to those with with Mild Cognitive Impairment or early dementia, family and professionals.

Karina's breakout session called "Services, Strategies, and Tools for Coaching Caregivers" focused on describing best practices for supporting caregivers, learning about the Alzheimer's Association programs, and understanding the REACH intervention and referral process.

To learn more about Meeting of the Minds and Alzheimer's Association, visit www.alz.org .

For more information about the REACH program, visit our website at www.agewellarrowhead.org/caregiver-support
Congratulations Karina!
National Stress Awareness Month
Give Yourself 5 Minutes
A Day to Reduce Stress

By: Lisa Jordan
In today’s world, we are finding that there are many ways to reduce your stress and live a calmer life without having to take a pill or see a doctor. These holistic approaches are being integrated into mainstream medicine and creating innovative ways to simply feel better.

Simply, taking 4-6 deep breaths three times a day reduces cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone released when we are stressed and causes havoc on the body.

Guided imagery and meditation have been proven to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, and balance moods. This can be done by simply closing your eyes and bringing yourself to a happy place.

For example, if you love the beach, picture yourself walking along, feeling the sand beneath your toes, the breeze on your skin, the salty taste in the air, the smell of the sea and the sounds of the waves.

When you incorporate all five senses into the imagery, then the magic happens. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and imagination so make it as real as possible, your body will not know the difference but the positive affects you will receive from this calming technique are incredible! 

Taking even five minutes a day to do this will make a huge impact on your mood and how you handle stress on a day to day basis. Listening to music, talking with a friend or finding a hobby that you enjoy will also bring you into a brighter mental state and anytime that occurs, your body reacts in a positive way.

We cannot change the world around us but we can certainly change how we react to stress. We can literally choose how to react by connecting with your breath and thinking positive thoughts. Things will not always go our way but using tools such as these can make a huge impact, they are free, and right at our disposal anytime we need them. Peace is created in one’s own mind, so create that for yourself.
Memory Cafe Enjoy Creating
Solar Light Flower Pots
The Memory Cafe provides a welcoming place of comfort, preventing loneliness and isolation, where people with memory changes and their care partners, family, and friends come together in a safe, supportive environment.

Our activities may consist of conversation, music, arts, games, refreshments, gardening, walks, field trips and most importantly, laughter. Each person is encouraged through these activities to use their strengths and abilities to participate and have fun.

This month, participants enjoyed painting flower pots with a solar light to brighten up their homes.
If you are interested in learning more or participating in Memory Cafe, call Kim Hileman at 218-623-7805.
Upcoming Evidence Based Workshops
Got an idea for the newsletter?

Is there a topic you would like to learn more about? Would you like to write something in the next issue?

Let us know! We would love to hear from you!

Contact shelbig@agewellarrowhead.org
Here is your chance to get involved!
Age Well Arrowhead is looking to train volunteer leaders to lead evidence-based workshops like Matter of Balance, Tai Ji Quan, Living Well with Chronic Pain, and Living Well with Diabetes. Becoming a leader is simple and helps people throughout the community gain confidence in their own health. The benefits can be outstanding and can make a huge difference in the lives of people attending each workshop. We hope you can join our volunteer team in 2019!  
No experience? No worries! We will train. Registration is now open for our winter/spring leader trainings.
Click on the links below for more information or to register on the Juniper website. Space is limited!  

For more information or to register, contact Peter Haften at 218-623-7800
Age Well Arrowhead connects older adults and caregivers to services that support healthy aging and independence.

We are passionate about serving the older adults and caregivers of our community. For this reason, Age Well Arrowhead was founded in 2014 as a local non-profit. We are funded by a Live Well at Home grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Title III funding administered by the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, a grant from the Minnesota Board on Aging, contributions, and service fees. These grants allow us to provide services that are easily accessible and affordable.