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August 24, 2018 eBrief
Thank you volunteers!
We’d like to thank our great volunteers that have closed extended service cases:
Latonia Williams (Five Points Law) helped a client get a divorce from her abusive spouse. The client had sustained injuries that left her in the hospital during the relationship. The client referred to Latonia as a “blessing for helping people.”
Preston Neel (Bradley) assisted a client with a garnishment action that ran contrary to the parties’ prior agreement. Preston successfully negotiated a new payment plan as well as kept the client from having to pay the creditor’s attorney fees and court costs.
Ted Stuckenschneider  helped a client save their home by assisting with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The client was recently laid off from her job and had been struggling financially. The client said, “Ted helped me in my time of need and for that I am extremely grateful.”
Whitney Seals (Cochrun & Seals) helped a client get a garnishment dismissed as well as get the client’s money that had been wrongfully taken. The client had been living in an apartment complex and the landlord had gotten the garnishment against the client for unknown fees. The client said that Whitney “took me up under his wing and really helped me out. He was just awesome.”
Lee Gilmer  (White Arnold Dowd) helped a homeless client get his license after the client had lost all of his personal identification after being hospitalized three times in two different counties. Lee took the client to the Health Department so that the client could get his birth certificate and then his license in the same day.
VLB seeking attorney volunteers for Magic City Acceptance Center clinic

Would you like to provide legal help to clients of the Magic City Acceptance Center’s name change clinic? We are looking for two attorneys on September 5 th  (1:00-3:30 p.m. and 3:30-6:00 p.m.). Click here to sign-up.

Our attorney volunteers will provide legal help to clients who have additional civil issues outside of getting their name changed. Email Nancy Yarbrough for more information.
Attorneys needed
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Sia Newman at the Civil Help Desk
Civil Help Desk volunteers

Kathleen Bowers (Bressler), Jack Carney (Carney Dye), Keli Edwards , Loring Jones , Edward May , Sia Newman (Lloyd Gray), and Honza Prchal (Heninger Garrison).
Tanita Cain helps a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk
Domestic Relations Help Desk volunteers

Tarackia Barge , Tanita Cain , Bob Dow (Maynard), John Grave , Melinda Guillaume , Susan McAlister , and John Milledge .
Champions for Justice
Welcome to our newest Champions Marsh Rickard at the Silver level and Bloomston & Associates at the Donor level.

Champions for Justice help to fund the programs that help low-income citizens with legal issues affecting the security of their housing, finances, and families. Become a Champion today and help those in need. Contact Nancy Yarbrough , executive director, or click here for more information.

Thank you to our Champions for Justice.

Judge John & Susan Carroll

Jim & Julie Goyer
Bainbridge Mims Rogers & Smith
Bloomston & Associates
Dawson Law
Matthew Swerdlin, Attorney at Law
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham | www.vlpbirmingham.org