Thank you for participating in the 9th Annual RCASA Meeting & Film Screening on Sept. 30th, 2015

Thank you to all those that made IF ONLY possible...

Thank you to Heather Copelas & her amazing staff.
Thank you to our talented panelists.

Dr. Mark Albanese & Woody Geissmann
Fran Puopolo, R.N.

"Amy left the world the incredible gift of her journals that she kept since middle school. She wrote powerfully about whether to begin using substances, her initiation, and the progression of her substance use disorder in the context of school, family, friends, boys, body image, and self-esteem.."

Thanks to a special friend of RCASA. Melissa has educated so many people in Reading and throughout Massachusetts through her daughter's experiences and the impact of her addiction on their family. 

"M elissa Weiksnar's detailed and bravely honest account of the years leading up to her daughter's tragic death brings true insight into the challenges and angst of parenting a child suffering from addiction." 

Thank you for coming!

Behind the scenes support

Thank you to our Reading Police colleagues for their support in pulling our annual meeting together.  We couldn't have done it without you.
  • Chief Cormier,
  • Deputy Chief Segalla,
  • Lt. Abate
  • Det. Halloran
  • Det. Iapicca
  • Det. Fitzgerald
  • SRO Muolo
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Annual Coalition Report Highlights
RCASA Board of Directors

OFFICERS: President-Patrick Shannon (Parent) * Vice-President-Elaine Webb (Parent) * Treasurer-John Doherty (Reading School Superintendent) * Co-Secretaries-Tom Zaya (RMHS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director/Parent) & Sherri VandenAkker (Parent/Educator)

CELEBRATING 9 YEARS OF BOARD SERVICE: James Cormier (Reading Police Chief, Founding Member, Parent) and Richard Abate (Reading Police Lieutenant, Founding Member, Parent)

MEMBERS: Joanne Senders (Reading Advocate) * Ann Marie Baccari (Austin Prep Nurse) * Chuck Robinson (Reading School Committee) * Adam Bakr (Reading Memorial High School Principal) * Brad Agostinelli (Burbank YMCA Teen Director) * Michael Muolo (Reading Police School Resource Officer) * Rich Hand (Reading Recreation) * Lynn Dunn (Reading Public Schools Nursing) * Melissa Roberto (Hallmark Health Liaison) * Bisrat Mulugeta (Hallmark Health Pharmacist) * Rep. James Dwyer (MA State Rep. 30th Precinct) * John Halsey (Board of Selectmen) * Robert LeLacheur (Town Manager) * Brandi Ditch (Riverside Community Care) * Rich Winant (Kelly House Director) * Meghan Whelan (RMHS Class of 2015) * Sophia Kalogeris (RMHS Class of 2015) * Rev. Jan Smith-Rushton (Old South Methodist Church/Reading Clergy Council) * Rev. Lisa Stedman (First Congregational Church/Reading Clergy Council) * Kevin Barile (Barile Family Funeral Home/Reading Rotary) * Brian Snell (Law Office of Brian Snell/Reading Rotary)
Bob LeLacheur
Town Manager

Tom Zaya (Assistant Principal, Reading Memorial High School) & John Doherty (Superintendent,
Reading Public Schools)
Joanne Senders (Reading Advocate) & Brian Snell 
(Reading Rotary & Law Office of Brian Snell)
Thank you to Julianne DeAngelis, Youth Volunteers, Partners & Funders