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November 2020
Let’s take a deep breath. As 2020 winds down we can rest assured that it is a year that will be long remembered! Since the last newsletter we have gained an hour and experienced a presidential election that increased most of our stress and anxiety. I hope that you voted because it mattered. Please see the included article from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) on helping children understand elections. Another must read article as we are shaken from many events that we have witnessed this year and have thoughts of making this a better world is from PBS and is centered on teaching children to be kind and compassionate.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I fully realize that most of us are tired and frustrated with social distancing and would love to have a big family gathering. However, I urge you to please keep the safety of your loved ones in mind. As the number of cases of Covid increases, we have to protect the most vulnerable, including those with preexisting conditions that put them at risk including our seniors. Let’s be creative and think of safe ways to truly be thankful for our family and friends. Bev Weathington, LMSW
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Thankful and Safe
Celebrating the Holidays During

by Beverly Weathington, LMSW, Healthier Urban Families
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How to Help Kids Deal with Disappointment During the Holidays
Teaching Kids to be Kind

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