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Thank You!
You're starving. You've been smelling the mouth-watering aroma of roasting turkey for at least two hours. Now the food is finally on the table and you're watching the curls of steam drifting up from the sweet potato souffle and the mashed potatoes as they're getting smaller and smaller. The gravy is starting to congeal. And Aunt Ethel is on her 100th item of what she is thankful for (her new hip, the nice young man at the supermarket who carries out her groceries, her 20 cats by name). So we'll make this quick: We're thankful for you! Our customers! Thank you for getting out on the water with us and bringing your friends and family! Thank you for coming back summer after summer! Thank you for making time for a vacation and for trusting us with that valuable time! Without you, there would be no Coastal Kayak! OK, that's it. I promise I won't start in on my cats.  
We'll see you on the water!
Mitch & Jen
Until Spring...

Our webcam has hibernated, the shop is boarded up. I know, these are sad harbingers of the coming cold, dark season. But our website is open 24/7! So whenever you need a little taste of the summer, you can go straight to our photos page. Why not turn up the heat and slip on your flip-flops as you click through the pictures? Then, before you know it, you'll see "Open for Summer 2018" in your inbox!
How to #OptOutside

I love the #OptOutside movement that REI is trying to create. After being cooped up with loved ones for an entire day, everyone needs to get out of the house. But REI is saying, instead of fighting for parking spaces and the latest gadget that will be obsolete by Easter, get out into nature and make memories. Start the holiday season with the stress-relief of fresh air, not stressful lines and crowds.
For the 24th we have a forecast of sunny skies, light winds, and maybe reaching 50 degrees in the afternoon - a little cool to get on the water but ideal conditions to go for a hike. Here are some ideas for hikes in our area:
*The beach! That's why you're here, right? If you wanted to, you could walk along the ocean all the way from Ocean City to Lewes. Talk about working off that pumpkin pie!
* Assateague Island National Seashore has three very short but interesting loop trails. In addition you can walk from the visitors center to the top of the Verrazano pedestrian bridge to get a little more mileage as well as a great view of the island.
* Trap Pond State Park has a beautiful 4.5 mile trail (the Bob Trail) that goes around the perimeter of the pond.
*Cape Henlopen State Park has a number of trails both paved and unpaved - great for biking as well. You can walk through the dunes, past old World War II bunkers, to a watch tower, and along the tidal marsh.

This year, instead of doing a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special, we're doing a holiday season special. Anytime you feel like it, between now and December 23rd, get a $50 gift certificate for $45* and/or a $100 gift certificate for $80*!
So go ahead and get outside, enjoy all those precious few daylight hours. Then, while you're brushing your teeth or waiting for your coffee to brew, buy a Coastal Kayak gift certificate for those special people in your life that deserve a beautiful summer memory! 

*Must purchase online and use coupon code Holiday50 for the $50 special or Holiday100 for the $100 special. All gift certificates will be emailed. Gift certificates can not be used to purchase used equipment.
Rescuing a swamped rec kayak
How to Rescue a Swamped Rec Kayak Part 2

You're paddling along, you get a little hungry, and you remember you've got a granola bar in your back hatch. You know it's probably not a good idea, pivot in your seat, open the hatch, feel around on the bottom of your boat, stretch a little further, twist a little more, and....splash!! You're in the water. As long as you've got a paddling buddy, it's not the end of the world.  Watch this video to see how it's done.
All I Want For Christmas...

Of course a kayak will fit perfectly under the Christmas tree!  Click here to see if we've got a used kayak or paddleboard that will make it on your Christmas list.
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