Mim Rieders doing Pull-Ups with Greg Elwell
"Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness."  
-Joseph H. Pilates
As Thanksgiving approaches, a time for family and friends, June Hines Pilates would like to recognize Mim Rieders  for sharing Pilates with so many of her family members.  Read below how Pilates has helped Mim, daughter, Caroline Kelch, sister,Susan Koch, and sister-in-law's, Julie Satriano and Maria Rieders our "Family of the Month".

Remember during this upcoming holiday season to not forget about yourselves.  Taking care of ourselves with our regular Pilates sessions and classes becomes even more important as we try to take care of our families and friends.  

Scroll down to see our November special offer.  Also reserve Sunday Dec. 10th from 2-5pm for our Holiday Studio party and Client Showcase held in our Doylestown studio.  We will have a demonstration of Pilates work for you in addition to the wonderful voice of John Carelli. 

Mim Rieders with June Hines
Family of the Month
How long have you been studying Pilates?   
Mim Rieders:   I took my first Pilates mat class with June at a dance studio in 2002. My body found something important.
Caroline Kelch:  
Since 2005. 
Susan Koch: 11 years.
Julie Satriano:   6 years. 
Maria Rieders Since 2010

What brought you to Pilates?  
In 2002 I became SCUBA certified and wanted to get stronger to walk and haul gear.
My mom, Mim, tried and loved it.  She encouraged me to try it and I really liked it too. 
After gentle prodding from my sister Mim, I tried it.  I thought because my weight stayed steady and I felt fine that I was in great shape...it didn't take long to realize how wrong I was.  
Julie :  Knowing I had trouble with my neck and back, Mim encouraged me to try it. It has made a world of difference.
Maria :  My sister-in-law, Mim, had been telling me about its benefits for years and encouraged me to try it.  

How has Pilates helped you?
Clockwise from top: Caroline Kelch w/Sharon Michels, Susan Koch, Julie Satriano, Maria Rieders
Pilates has challenged me and it never gets boring.  It has helped me heal through several injuries and even helps if I come in for a workout feeling under the weather.  I believe it keeps my immune system functioning.  I have corrected bad habits like locking knees, hunching shoulders, and leading with my chin.  My posture and energy are much improved.  Lastly, I appreciate the mental aspect of studying Pilates, freeing my mind of all else and working to be the best I can be in a session.  I always have a bounce in my step when I walk out of the studio after my 2 session/week.  I love working with all the teachers at JHPilates and even the guest teachers that have visited over the years.
Caroline:  Pilates has, over the years, helped me strengthen my back, which used to cause me so much pain.  It's also helped my posture improve greatly.  I'm also very grateful that I can still do Pilates while in my 2nd pregnancy!  I believe it has truly helped alleviate a lot of the "blessing" of pain that pregnancy brings.  I plan to continue post pregnancy as well!

Now I see the virtue of strengthening and challenging my body, continuous improvement in my flexibility, strength and body awareness.  I leave every workout better physically and mentally and can't believe what a great system Joe Pilates created.  There is continuous growth and I feel for the rest of my life I'll have improvement to come.  Thank you all!

Julie:   It has made a world of difference in my overall strength, flexibility and ability.  It's also the only exercise program that I've stayed with, and actually look forward to doing!  I believe it is something that I'll be able to continue with as I age, and always my concerns about increasing disabilities as I grow older.
Maria:   Starting Pilates, I had been active with yoga, gym workouts, and lots of walking, but had become frustrated with increasing pain due to arthritis in my hip.  Physical therapy was of moderate help, but after practicing Pilates for awhile, I noticed distinctive improvements - much less pain in my legs, less discomfort when sitting for a long time, no more pain at night.  the exercises literally straightened me out due to the guidance of the springs in the apparatuses, keeping muscles and limbs aligned in ways that do not always come naturally to my body.  Adding to that the careful coaching of well trained instructors (shout out to Barb Conforti) results in a high quality.

Pilates & You
June Hines at the Run For Research

June Hines was very happy to be a part of "Run for Research"  which was held in the Warminster Community Park.  This event in it's 3rd year,  benefits Multiple Sclerosis Research with 100% of the proceeds.  We were happy to meet and greet and share Pilates with many who stopped by our table.  Welcome to our newsletter!


June Hines Pilates is a proud supporter of the MET guided by director, Lisa Collins.  Don't miss seeing Coppélia!

Josephine Muller Auditorium

Admission: $15 in Advance/$20 at the Door
Run time is 90 minutes, and two intermissions.

A beloved comic ballet for generations, Coppélia is the story of how a life-size dancing doll, a mysterious inventor, a zesty heroine and her true love all cross paths.
Brought to life with exuberant dancing by MBC's highly acclaimed, pre-professional dancers from the greater Philadelphia region, this light-hearted and magical story ballet is a delight for all ages.
Starring Metropolitan Ballet alumni and guest artists, Melissa Gelfin (Cincinnati Ballet) &  Peter Weil (Pennsylvania Ballet). 
Sergey Pupyrev, former Principal dancer with the Russian State Ballet in Moscow, will star as Doctor Coppelius.
Michele Cimini
Apprentice News
Congratulations Michele Cimini after successfully passing the Basic Pilates Exam with June Hines.  Michele will be attending the Intermediate Seminar in December at True Pilates New York.    Michele comes to us all the way from Scranton to continue her studies of Pilates.  Michele has a BS in Legal Studies (Certified Paralegal), is a student of Naturopathy, ACE Certified personal trainer in addition to being a devoted wife and mother of two boys.  
Call or email to schedule your session with Michele.

Integrative Massage Method with Sharon Michels
Enjoy your introductory massage with Sharon Michels for $50 and each subsequent massage for $85.  And, after your first massage don't forget to take advantage of Sharon's "Refer a Friend" program - ask Sharon for more details. 
Visit her website here.
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