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November Newsletter
Issue #2018-11
November, 2018
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Don't be left out! Our next Board Meeting is THIS Monday, December 3. The meeting will be held in the Band Room at 6:00pm. Come and lend a helping hand to your alma mater.
Senior Transition

How many of you have heard of the Digital Backpack of Success Skills that the Jefferson County School District has implemented? It has been a popular topic in the news this year. The digital backpack is an online platform for students to enter pictures, video and a written reflection of what they have learned in five key areas-emerging innovator, productive collaborator, effective communicator, globally and culturally competent citizen, and prepared and resilient learner.  In order to graduate from a Jefferson County High School, each senior scholar must defend their preparedness to graduate. 

At Seneca, this defense will be presented in front of a Senior Transition Panel. The member panel will score a rubric based on the presentation. Michael Guy, AgriScience and Leadership Academy Principal, is heading up the creation of this panel. As Alumni, we've been given a unique opportunity to participate in the panel as community members. If you feel you are qualified to offer help and are interested in participating on this panel, please contact Mr. Guy at [email protected] or by calling the office at 485-8323.
Boys and Girls Haven

As many of you may have heard in the news, there was a fire the morning of November 27th at one of the Boys and Girls Haven dormitories. Several of Seneca's scholars were impacted by this fire and have lost all of their personal belongings. Tracy Fussnecker, Seneca's AgriScience and Leadership Academy Counselor, is working on a comprehensive list of impacted scholars.  Fortunately,no one was harmed in the fire.
If you would like to contribute money that will be used to purchase gift cards to benefit these scholars, please contact Ms. Fussnecker at 485-8323 or [email protected] .  The Seneca Past and Present board will also discuss what our organization can do to help at our meeting on Monday night. 
A Note from Sharon Stamper Kleinert '69

The Class of 1969 is funding a series of scholarships that will be awarded to the Seneca High School Class of 2019 - 50 years after they graduated. All funds will go through Seneca Past and Present, thereby offering tax deductible status. Please read Sharon's note below:

I recently attended the Torch Awards for Ethics luncheon of the Better Business Bureau where Scott Davenport, head coach of Bellarmine University's Men's basketball program was the keynote speaker. Of course, one topic was how to inspire athletes to do better not only on the court but also off, for off-court behavior is essential in the long term to a happy successful life.In his speech, he kept returning to the concept of gratefulness, stressing the importance of expressing thanks to those who help us in small and great ways. He stated what most of us's the people in one's life that most matters. Plus, it takes only 1.56 seconds to say "Thank You". Such a minimal investment of one's time can have an impact that lasts so much longer.

This idea of expressing thanks was also reinforced at the Seneca Past & Present Alumni Hall of Fame dinner where each recipient expressed thanks for the exceptional education received at Seneca, one which allowed them to flourish at the university level and particularly to individual teachers who inspired them to find their life's work. Each mentioned the friendships made in the community of school. Personally, I took the opportunity that night to thank Mr. Stickler for his instruction senior year in Speech & Drama class, explaining to him that as a 17 year old, never would I have envisioned myself as an adult public speaker. But upon the death of my husband, it became necessary to address various groups, some rather large in his honor, where those speech lessons came back to help, as did the English classes that helped in writing the words that needed to be said.

Again using those writing lessons, I ask as you celebrate the holidays, please remember those from our Seneca High School days who have made a difference in your life, not only the teachers, but our coaches and classmates who at that age had as great an impact as did our families. Let us send a quick "Thank you" will only take 1.56 seconds! Will you honor your gratefulness by sending a contribution to the Class of '69 Scholarship Fund? Will you extend a helping hand to the Class of 2019...for their road to post-high school education is not as easy as it was for most of us.

If you have additional questions, you can contact Sharon at [email protected].
Class News

Do you have information that you want to share with other Alumni?  If you do, please email us with all the details and we may put it in the newsletter!  Please, no solicitations other than possible charity opportunities.

Sam Denny submitted another story for our enjoyment!  Read 'About Setting Goals'.

Steve Goldstein reports that he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Echocardiography in 2016.  Steve is a member of the Class of 1962.
Seneca Forever,

Board of Directors

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