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Thankful for a Green Pathway Forward 
This year I am most thankful for finally being able to see a green and sustainable pathway forward for humanity - something that I have doubted for the past few years.

Two months ago, I posted the first BSB that focused on what I am calling a futuristic "green" region in the USA - a true "big picture" solution for humanity. I called that piece:

The "idea" was sparked after concluding that it would be impossible for the world's nearly eight billion people, acting independently, to ever come remotely close to living in harmony with nature - even if everyone tried as hard as they could. 

It was that realization that led me to conclude that we must re-examine the "big picture" of human life on Earth, with an eye toward a totally new way of living that can co-exist in complete harmony with nature - indefinitely.

Today's blog re-addresses the importance of "big picture" solutions to our harmful, wasteful and grossly unsustainable way of living throughout the developed world. 

And, for your convenience, at the end of this blog there is a link to all nine previous blogs that I have posted on this crucial subject. In a nutshell, it's all about...  

Making "green" choices easy. By designing and building a "Shangri-La" type of community that is totally green - people will have no trouble reaching a level of harmony with nature that the world hasn't seen for hundreds of years.

That totally green Shangri-La might look something like this.

Ultimately, we must make it easy and pleasant for every human to live in harmony with nature. No small task, but one that is necessary and one for which we have the skills, knowledge and creativity to make it happen.

Dr. E.O. Wilson agrees that we are capable of getting it done, except for one problem that he points out in the final chapter of his book, "The Meaning of Human Existence." 

We have enough intelligence, goodwill, generosity and enterprise to turn Earth into a paradise for ourselves and for the biosphere that gave us birth...The problem is that we are an innately dysfunctional species.

What to do? Maybe with enough focused initiatives led by groups of powerful, courageous leaders,  along with a little help from the best that A.I. has to offer - we can overcome our dysfunction  and learn to live in harmony with nature.

Now that would be something
for which we would be eternally thankful.

The Bottom Line . N ow is the time to get started with the process of designing and building the "paradise" on Earth that Dr. Wilson believes that we are capable of creating. 

For that to happen, creative "big picture" solutions are essential. We must  design a totally new way of living - a global human habitat  that offers only "green" options for  every aspect of our lives: housing, recreation, work, food, clothing, entertainment, travel, etc.
By promoting an envisioned "big picture" solution, we raise our chances of attracting the attention of powerful leaders, capable of embracing and executing the "Build it and they will come" scenario described in earlier blogs. 

For your convenience, here are nine BSBs that are related to those "big picture" solutions - in chronological order:

What can you do to helpThree things:

1. Live as greenly as possible while doing all that you can to raise the awareness of the "big picture" solutions that are ultimately necessary to save our civilization.

2. Help me find audiences who might want to hear a refreshing message of action, hope and sustainability. I am happy to deliver that message. Anytime. Anyplace.

3. Please forward this BSB, along  with links to related articles, to prominent journalists, thought leaders and/or elected officials you respect.   

Be well,

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks 
CEO, 4Leaf Global, LLC

I welcome your feedback and/or questions at:

Looking for Opportunities to Speak.  Since 2016, my research, writing and speaking has been focused on the sustainability of our ecosystem and our future as a species. I call it the most important topic in the history of humanity.

After all, what could possibly be more important to humans than the survival of our species?

 (now contains 5-minute video of me speaking in Tucson) 

Speaking Activity:   In 2018, I spoke at a   VegFest in  Fort Myers, FL,  at the  in Honolulu and Kahului, Maui, at the   College of the Holy Cross  in Worcester, MA, at a  Plant Powered Manhattan  event in New York, and at a health conference in  South Haven, Michigan.

To schedule a presentation at a venue near you, please contact me at

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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