Next Chapter
Get Together:
Dec. 4, 10am
• November 13th: Deadline to RSVP
• November 14th: Ladies Day Out
(Meet at Salmon Run Food Court at 11am)
• November 25th: Thanksgiving
(FXCHD will be Closed for the Holiday)
November 26th: Black Friday
Will you be there??
If you're planning on going to this year's Christmas Party, please RSVP to Jodi ( no later than Nov. 13th, if you haven't already.

The Christmas Party itself is happening on December 11th at Art's Jug in Watertown. Your meal includes House Italian Salad, White Pizza, Coffee, Tea or Soda. And your choices are:
  • Broiled Haddock - served with vegetables
  • Broiled Seafood Platter - served with rice
  • Chicken Limone - served with rice
  • Chicken Parmesan - served with pasta
  • Rib Eye Steak - served with vegetables
  • Veal Limone - served with rice
  • Veal Parmesan - served with rice

Even if you don't know what you'd like for dinner, but you do know that you want to go, please RSVP now so we've got you down. We will need to know your choice for dinner by Saturday, Dec. 4th.
Last Call!! Let us know where you want to go...
There's not many things much more fun than traveling by Harley-Davidson! You're on your own time, you can stop when and where you like, people all over admire you when you pull up on your motorcycle, and you get to skip being patted-down by the TSA agent.

And when you go with like-minded friends, you'll be multiplying all that fun by a factor of 10. The stories you'll share down the road will become the unforgettable memories of a lifetime!

Of course, these fun-filled motorcycle adventures take time to prepare... That's why this Ride & Event Survey for 2022 is coming to you now.
Things to keep in mind when you're completing the survey:

  • You are NOT making a commitment that you will go.
  • Simply check the boxes on the trips that interest you the most.
  • Is there something you'd like to add? Use one of the comment boxes or email

There's 10 questions and it should take you about 6 minutes to finish.

The 2022 Ride Survey will Close
Sunday, November 14th
We Can't Hear You...
...unless you Tell Us!! By completing the survey you're telling your HOG Chapter Officers exactly what you're looking to do next year. Your voice is important!!
You Get What You Give
The Harley Owners Group Motto is:
Ride and Have Fun!
And YOU are the key - speak and be heard. And then we can plan out 2022.
New FXT HOG Ride Challenges
We'd like to continue the Ride Challenge for next year as well!

Right now we are looking at incorporating one of the National HOG Ride 365 Challenges into our challenge.

So stay tuned, more information coming soon.
Regional Officer Connection
At ROC (Regional Officer Connection) you learn how to break down barriers, work with team members, brainstorm new activities, and promote our chapter.

Plus you'll be meeting up with other members from other chapters -so you can learn from their experience also.

And for 2022, ROC will once again be LIVE as well as virtual, so you can attend to find new ways, new roads and new events to enhance the chapter experience.

We do not have any dates or locations as of yet. Just wanted to plant the seed in your brain...

Space is Limited! So if you'd like to go, please let Darryl or Dawn know.
The Announcement of the 2022 Announcement
This past week Harley-Davidson announced news of their 2022 Model Year lineup. Here's what we know:
  • "Carry Over" Motorcycles will begin shipping to dealerships on January 3rd.
  • The 2022 Model Year Reveal will be a global virtual event happening on Wednesday, January 26th - SAVE THE DATE!!
Sat, Dec 11, 2021 2:00 PM EST
Trivia Contest #atFXCHD
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