Thankful for Community...
Reflecting on a Wonderful Evening "Celebrating Our Past - Creating Our Future"
On Tuesday, we held our most ambitious event of the program year. We brought our community together in-person and online to celebrate Nancy and Stu Mellan and to kick off our 2021 campaign. Now that the dust has settled, I have one thing to say:

Thank you!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, my heart is full of gratitude for all of the remarkable people who make up our diverse, caring, and vibrant community. Thank you for participating and reminding us of what it feels like to be together! Together, we are stronger. Together, we are better. And together, we will overcome the challenges that persist in the days and months ahead.

Tuesday kicked off our 2021 campaign, which powers our work in Southern Arizona, nationally, and around the world. The Federation is here for your family, for our community, and for those most in need everywhere. We are designed to support and advance this generation and all those that come after. We are here to engage, enrich, and empower Jewish life.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us on Tuesday, and thank you to everyone who will partner with us in the next year in our annual campaign as we spread kindness, caring, and compassion through Southern Arizona and the world.


Honorees Nancy and Stu Mellan were celebrated in a variety of ways throughout the evening... including by having their semblances baked into cookies that were handed out to attendees!
Guests participated in the event from inside or near their cars, honking, cheering, and waving glow sticks.
Deanna Evenchik-Brav served as the evening's emcee.
Community leaders Alice and Paul Baker spoke during a panel interview with Nancy and Stu.
JFSA and JCF President and CEO Graham Hoffman delivered a speech thanking Stu and Nancy for their welcome and mentorship when he joined the community, and looking forward to a bright future.
2021 Federation annual campaign co-chair Bruce Ash spoke about his relationship with Stu and our need to rededicate ourselves to the campaign this year when there are so many people in need in our community and beyond.
Representatives from numerous community agencies and synagogues attended, including Tucson J CEO and President Todd Rockoff. The J provided a video that aired during the pre-show.
Thank you to the incredible JFSA and JCF staff for their hard work on this event!


"Tonight we have so much to celebrate – just being together in the midst of the pandemic; 25 years of Stu and Nancy’s outstanding accomplishments with our community; and a bright and inspiring future that will ensure Jewish life thrives in Southern Arizona, in Israel, and around the world" - Graham Hoffman, JFSA and JCF President & CEO
"The truth is that we need each other, and we need to invest in this enterprise where we can celebrate our differences and work together for the common good and build a network of caring along the way." - Stu Mellan, honoree
"Times do change but there will always be something we can do to truly repair our world in a meaningful way." - Bruce Ash, 2021 Federation Campaign Co-Chair

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