Happy Thanksgiving!

There are so many reasons to be thankful this season. We are thankful for the tremendous support we receive from alumni who care about LaGuardia students and want to help them make the world a more beautiful place. We are thankful for having gone to a school that is diverse and accepting of all people regardless of religion, race, or gender. We are thankful that there is still a place for the arts to flourish within the New York City public school system. And, we are thankful for YOU!
Please share with us the reasons you are thankful for having received a free, public high school arts education. How has it impacted your life, career, and/or friendships?
CALENDAR - Events at LaGuardia
There are SO many amazing shows coming up at LaGuardia, from the all school musical The Sound of Music next month to art exhibits, dance concerts, and the Semi-Annual Orchestra and Choral Concert in early January. One could practically see a show a week for the rest of the school year. These LaGuardia students are busy!

We are missing many of your classmates! Please ask at least FIVE of your high school friends to fill out the contact form to be kept informed about reunions and other events. And don't forget to submit your own news and updates for the next Alumni Notes Newsletter.

From hosting SNL and the Emmys, starring on Broadway, or promoting social justice through powerful paintings, our alumni are up to amazing things. Catch up on these and other great stories by following our Facebook page or visiting the Alumni & Friends website.

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