Thankful for our new floor & our amazing ZCREW!
November 2019
So much happened last month in Oct! We started out the month with our Party in Pink event where we raised $641 for breast cancer research! Thank you all who donated and came out especially my co-host Trinton and my ZCREW instructors who all helped lead the party! Also had one of my dreams come true with a trip to Miami and Zumba Home Office where I got to chat and dance with the inventor of Zumba Beto Perez as well as take his class ($26 a class per person)! We got to experience some awesome exercise formats as well as dance with some amazing Zumba celebs (Heidi & Armando) and we helped work the Zumba booth at FIBO. We even took some footage of our team dancing from Zumba Home office and the beach! Check it out!
West coast team in Miami for FIBO Boom!
West coast team in Miami for FIBO Boom!
At the studio, we welcomed 3 new Zumba instructors Mary Murphy, Diana Lee and Brittany Quintana thus making 34 of my students who have now become Zumba instructors! Congratulations ladies! Another AMAZING thing that happened in Oct was the installation of OUR NEW FLOOR!!! We have upgraded the studio with new floors in the main dance area, bathroom and office as well as a new sink, vanity and faucet in the bathroom! You may see a couple more small changes in the studio, but it is all to give our students "added value" and make everything pretty in the studio for all of us to enjoy! Plus, we have already kicked off November with a great Strong MC and Sync lab with Master Trainer Krista Jacobs and there is more to come! 

November continues with another format coming to the friend Carlos Martinez is the National Trainer for MixxedFit and he will be at the studio doing a Masterclass (open to everyone, only $15) and a training for people who want to become MixxedFit instructors on Nov 17th (see below for details)! I encourage you all to come check it out and have fun with us at this MC! Later this month, we will be having our 7th Annual Pre-Turkey Calorie Burn on Thanksgiving morning at 10am and then our 4th Annual Post-Turkey Calorie Burn MC on Friday at noon (see details below)! Don't forget that we will also be having a Black Friday Special so stay tuned to your emails and text messages about that! Details will come to you electronically so you can purchase online or at our Thanksgiving/black Friday events! December will be here before you know it and our first event in Dec is a MC with ZJ Jaime (see details below). Plus now that it is getting colder, you may need a new ZCREW hoodie, only $40! They are selling fast so come check out our new "for sale" rack and find yourself some new ZCREW gear!

If you haven't yet tried the  MindBody app get on there and see how you can purchase your classes directly from the app, pre-register or sign-in for class and even see when your classes/passes expire right from your phone! 
Remember, we have a referral and loyalty program and the studio where you can get REWARDED for referring your friends and sharing on social media. Every one of your friends that becomes our client gives you $10 off your next punch card! Use this link to share! Plus get loyalty points just for coming to class which can be turned in for a Zumba towel or special discounts! Ask us for details! 

Our Studio is in the heart of Albuquerque!
We are on the corner of Lomas and Jefferson.
We have a TON of classes to choose from, a variety of instructors and options in the evenings and on weekends!
Class schedule
Come dance with us in Zumba. Come work on muscle endurance in Zumba Toning. Or if you love High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), then STRONG is for you! All classes are meant to reach a wide range of fitness/dance levels so come try a class and please feel free to take it at your own pace. Options every day of the week with several options in the day/evening Plus WEEKENDS!
Sign up using MindBody
$5 drop in
*$45 for 10 classes
*$60 +tax unlimited month
Purchase ONLINE

*Punch cards and unlimited passes ACCEPTED AT ALL classes*
Website/Contact info
Studio website
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Instagram @sabrinaszcrew
U pcoming Events
MixxedFit Masterclass & Training with National Trainer Carlos Martinez on Sun, Nov 17th 10:30am -12:15pm (MC, open to all), 12:30pm-7pm (Training to be instructor)
MixxedFit is an explosive dance fitness format and we are lucky to have Carlos Martinez to join us for this Masterclass and Training. The MC is open to EVERYONE and is only $15 to attend. Become an instructor of this format for only $99! Sign up online!
*All classes on Sun Nov 17th are canceled at the studio for this event*

Thanksgiving events: mark your calendar!
- 7th Annual Pre-Turkey Calorie Burn, Thurs (Thanksgiving) Nov 28th at 10am with Sabrina, punch cards or unlimited passes accepted or just a $5 drop in. 1 hour class.
- 4th Annual Post-Turkey Masterclass, Friday (Black Friday) Nov 29th 12-1:30pm with Sabrina & ZCREW instructors only $10
*All other classes on Thanksgiving and Black Friday are canceled*

**Stay tuned for a BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL ON PUNCH CARDS and unlimited passes!

ZJ Jaime Ortiz MC and ZIN Jam Dec 6th and 7th: mark your calendar!
MC Fri night Dec 6th (open to everyone) stay tuned!
ZIN Jam Sat Dec 7th 2-5pm: For instructors  SIGN UP NOW!
Schedule updates

Jackie brings another Zumba Toning class to the weekend!
You asked and we listened, another Toning class has made it into our weekend lineup on Sundays at 1:30pm. Jackie will be working on that muscle endurance with you from now on Sundays! $5 drop in or punch card/unlimited pass to pay for this class. 
Shakin' up Fridays @ 4:30pm!
Is it hard for you to keep up with your fitness goals after a long week at work?....yeah us too! Because of this, we are switching things up on Fridays! We will now have rotating instructors on Fridays as a way to increase motivation and keep everyone on their toes on Fridays! Join us this and every Friday at 4:30 and get a workout with the following instructors!

11/1/19: Rita
11/8/19: Quetzalli
11/15/19: Jackie
11/22/19: Nina
11/29/19: canceled due to Thanksgiving Post Turkey Masterclass
12/6/19: Alisa
12/13/19: Jackie
12/20/19: Andrea
12/27/19: Sabrina
Schedule changes/Subs (Nov)
*ALL of these changes/subs are on MindBody ( app, online schedule or on our website)*

- Saturday 11/2: 10am Zumba Toning canceled
- Saturday 11/2: 12pm Zumba canceled
- Thursday 11/7: 4:30pm Nina subs Zumba for Rita
- Saturday 11/9: 10am Jackie subs Zumba Toning for Sabrina
- Saturday 11/9: 12pm Jenn subs Zumba for Sabrina
- Sunday 11/10: 4pm Jonice subs Strong for Sabrina
- Saturday 11/16: 12pm Alisa subs Zumba for Sabrina
- Thursday 11/21: 4:30pm Nina subs Zumba for Rita
For your information:
Expiration time 3 months on punch cards in 2019
All punch cards will expire 3 months from the date of 1st use. We hold 19 classes a week and as many as 76 classes in a month so you have plenty of opportunities to use your classes.

LOST AND FOUND going to be donated this Thanksgiving!
We have been accumulating lots of water bottles, clothes and hair accessories at the studio. If you are missing some of your stuff, check out our lost and found section in the cubbie under the Toning weights. Please claim your items by Thanksgiving...all items will be donated to those less fortunate after Thanksgiving.
How many classes left?
You should be getting emails from MindBody when you have 2 classes (or less) left. If you do not, please let me know. You can check your classes left on the MindBody app too. We also have the Ipad at the studio for you to check your classes left and check in online. Everyone must sign in on paper, but the Ipad allows you to see classes left and expiration info.

See Schedule in REAL TIME, book & purchase classes from our website!
We have new fully integrated MindBody website widgets on our website home page that allow you to see the most up to date schedule (including subs) in real time as shown on MindBody! Want to see the next class happening at the studio, well check it out HERE! Want to purchase a drop in just for today or book a class this week, check it out  HERE! Want to see if your favorite instructor is subbing a class today or this week, check it out  HERE! (*hint all the links take you to our home page on our website). Now its easier than ever to see up to date changes to the schedule, subs and even purchase right from our website!

- gate will be locked after 5:30pm
- instructors can let you out of the lot if you get locked in
- 2 guaranteed Zumba spaces (marked), but spaces in front of sheds are first come first serve and are available to us to park
- do not block entrance/exit into lot or block any trailers in
- parking on Jefferson and even spots in front of studio on Lomas
- never park at Comfort Dental
- never run over or park in front of cones in the lot
Loyalty program
Referrizer is our loyalty program! It allows you to earn loyalty points for things you already do like coming to class, referring a friend, sharing on social media and leaving us a review. These loyalty points can be redeemed for rewards like a FREE CLASS or 20% off classes or a FREE MC ticket! You might have received a text or email from this system already (check your junk mail). 

We do need your phone number for this loyalty program. Let us know if you would like to be part of it and start gaining points TODAY!

PLUS get $10 off your next punch card when you refer a friend!
SZ CREW Fitness Gear!
NOW on a new clothes rack!!!
#ourhappyplace NEW GEAR for our 3rd year anniversary!
Women's tanks $20
Men size t-shirts  $18
Hoodies (unisex) $40

Zumba clothes: Z WEAR
Zumba always has the hottest gear! Check out the new Take it to the Street collection and SAVE 10% on ANY Zumba or Strong gear using my affiliate code SSDISCOUNT

Attendance Award
The unlimited month option ($60) is very cost effective and allows you to go to the most classes. Purchase  ONLINE!
Lucille Shaw had 20 classes in the month of Oct! So she is the winners of the Attendance Award FREE CLASS. Congratulations! Love dancing with you! Keep up the great work!
If you didn't win this time, there is always next month! People are only eligible to win this 1 time a year as a way to spread the Zumba love (i.e. Lucille can't win for the next year...will you win next month?)
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